Radenta Technologies, one of the countryโ€™s leading solutions integrators introduces Zimbra Daffodil (Version 10) Network Edition, the latest upgrade to the email and collaboration platform used by enterprise worldwide.

Marcus Teo, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at Synacor explains the genesis of Zimbra Daffodil, “We understand the importance of agility, interoperability, and privacy for businesses; and Daffodil is developed with these modern business needs in mind.”

Zimbra Daffodil was released ahead of the End-of-Life announcement for Zimbra OSE Version 8.8.15. This means that Zimbra will no longer provide updates, feature upgrades, or security enhancements for the OSE version after December 31, 2023.

An outdated platform poses security risks, has limited features, does not meet compliance requirements and may cause business disruptions.

Zimbra Daffodil provides the same secure and flexible collaboration, on your terms, which has been the long-standing premise of the platform. You get the freedom to manage your data, your way, accessible anytime from anywhere and on any device. You can customize it using its extensive API and Zimlet integration framework and pay only for the features you need now.

Why upgrade to Zimbra Daffodil?

Commercial support comes with the Zimbra Support Team that is always available to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

You get advanced features like enhanced security, compliance, mobile management, and immense scalability.

Storage optimization translates to storage tiering and S3 object storage solutions for utmost storage capacity and resilience.

Mobile device management allows businesses to manage and secure their employeesโ€™ devices. This includes remote device wiping, email encryption, and password policy enforcement to protect data.

Compliance made easy. Zimbra Daffodil simplifies compliance with eDiscovery, data retention, and audit logging features, which are crucial for organizations subject to regulatory requirements.

Zimbra Daffodil also comes with email archiving, data leak prevention, and integration with third-party applications.

For those concerned about cost, it is important to note that the upgrade includes dedicated support and maintenance. There is no need to upgrade your hardware frequently since the new version has more scalable and cost-effective storage options.

Zimbra is making the switch as painless as possible with a migration path that ensures seamless transition with minimal downtime. There is basically no problem with familiarity and workflow continuity as both versions use the same codebase.

Zimbra is well suited for organizations that need a scalable and customizable collaboration solution like educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, retail and similar businesses.

Upgrade to Zimbra Daffodil now and see the difference. Call Radenta at 0908-812-4891 or email info@radenta.com.

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