XTB is the fifth broker in the world in terms of number of active accounts, according to the Finance Magnates report for the fourth quarter of 2020.

XTB in TOP5 global brokers

At the beginning of February this year, XTB Group published its preliminary financial results for 2020. Among the record values of revenues and profits, the Group also reported the highest values in terms of active clients. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, the average number of active clients (the average number of clients who carried out at least one transaction in the three-month period) reached 72,346. This result allowed the XTB Group to take the fifth place in the ranking of the largest global brokers in the terms of number of active clients in a Quarterly Intelligence Report published by Finance Magnates.

โ€œOne of the priorities for XTB is to focus on the growing demands of our clients by providing them with the best investment offer – both in terms of instruments, platform and service. In the fall last year, we introduced an offer that includes commission-free investing in shares up to a monthly volume of EUR 100,000; at the same time, we are constantly improving our xStation and xStation Mobile platforms. These activities had an influence on results – in 2020 we acquired over 112,000 new clients, which is as much as in 2014-2019 combined. We are not slowing down – in 2021 we want to acquire at least another 120,000 new clients,โ€  said Omar Arnaout, CEO of XTB. โ€œHowever, we are especially proud of the number of active clients which allowed us to be in the global TOP 5 brokers for the first time – it shows that clients appreciate our offer and that they value trading with XTB,โ€ Arnout added.

The focus on acquiring new clients is confirmed by the data published by the Group. The XTB Group was the most dynamic among the five largest brokers in terms of increasing the number of active clients. Comparing the fourth quarter of 2020 with the corresponding period of 2019, XTB recorded an increase by approximately 41,500 active clients, or 135% (in the fourth quarter of 2019, XTB had approximately 30,800 active clients). 

In the overall list of brokers in terms of the largest number of active accounts described in the Finance Magnates report, XTB moved up from the 20th (fourth quarter 2019) to the fifth (fourth quarter 2020) place, also recording the highest increase in active accounts among the five largest brokers.

The list of the top five brokers in terms of the number of active accounts included in the Finance Magnates report is presented in the table below: 

Source: Finance Magnates Quartely Intelligence Report Q4 2020 and Q4 2019

One of the most dynamic brokers in the world

Finance Magnates is one of the largest global online multi-asset trading knowledge hub. The team of Finance Magnates Intelligence analysts publishes quarterly reports summarizing the investment industry – it describes both the companies operating in it, as well as trends, news, and regulatory changes. XTB Group is one of the brokers appearing in reports for years, but for the first time it was included in TOP 5 in the list of the largest companies in terms of the number of active clients.

โ€œIn our Quarterly Intelligence Reports, we publish rankings of the largest brokers in the FX / CFD brokers. In the last quarter of 2020, XTB’s results attracted special attention – this broker achieved the largest quarterly increase in the number of active accounts, which allowed it to jump into the top five global brokers. The data shows that the company was able to transform the increased interest in investing caused by significant market volatility and attract a large group of investors, actually more than doubling their active accounts base in just a year,โ€ said Sylwester Majewski, Intelligence Team Lead at Finance Magnates.

Obtaining the full access to the Finance Magnates Quarterly Intelligence Reports is possible after registration at https://www.financemagnates.com/intelligence/ย Further detailed information summarizing the activities of the XTB Group in 2020 is included in the Current Report No. 2/2021 – Preliminary financial and operating results for the year 2020, which is available for download here: https://ircdn.xtb.com/files/2021/02/03164106/RB-2-2021-Wstepne-wyniki-finansowe-i-operacyjne-2020-ENG-www.pdf.

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