This may be the fastest (and easiest) review I’ve made. Fast, because the WIKO Buds 10 is an honest and straightforward product – it does everything on the box: 12mm dynamic driver delivers the bass and clear dialogue, dual mic noise cancellation means clear calls, and 30 hours of playback (that’s with a fully charged charging case) translates into worry-free listening (great for long commutes and music to sleep to). Easy, because the device comes with enough charge for you to play with it, right out of the box – flip open the top, pull out the ear buds, look for WIKO Buds 10 on your device’s found-via-Bluetooth list of devices, pair up, and wear the buds. Enjoy. That’s it.

The small white box comes with documentation you won’t need (I was too excited to dive into Netflix and later play Call of Duty: Mobile to read the manual). A short Type A male to Type C charging cable comes with. All of this in simple, familiar, clean, maybe comforting white. Nothing with the packaging and product design screams harsh-color gamer, trendy fashionista youth, or matching get up gym person.

Bluetooth 5.2 means there’s hardly any noticeable lag in sound delivery (I was so intent with watching a streaming movie I was hanging on every word and lip reading, and I would have noticed a lag between the moving mouths and the lines they delivered). This stable connection is also found in games that I played, where action and delayed sound would be an annoying experience.

High definition sound means you notice details in the audio and a certain clarity – in a fave Spotify playlist, during a movie dialogue, in the middle of a rewatched fight scene – that you’d struggle to experience in a lesser quality, close to tin-sounding cheaper ear buds. So you might as well treat yourself.

As for the noise cancellation, I have 9 cats indoors and I work from home. Imagine the meows I have to deal with. The ear buds do their job in minimizing the meowing in the background, and the roars of car engines when I’m taking calls in the veranda. There’s no need to cup my hands over my headphone’s mic, a gesture I’m so used to when wearing a normal over ear set of headphones.

Just to clarify, the ear buds on its own, when fully charged, gets me around 6 hours of listening time, but when supplemented with the charge from a fully charged charging case (ear buds get drained, you slip it back into the case for charging, use the buds again later) amount to 30 hours of use. That’s a long time away from a wall socket or power bank. This is a good device to bring to vacations and long trips. The charging base is also Type C compatible, so any Type C cable hooked up to a phone, power bank, or computer will charge the device.

Double tap the sides of the ear buds to play/pause music or answer/end calls. Tripe tap to activate voice assistance. Press and hold for 2 seconds for next song (right), previous song (left), or to reject an incoming call. These will be familiar to those who’ve been using ear buds. So you’ll feel right at home on the WIKO 10.

If you’re worried about a heavy ear buds in your ear, don’t. The WIKO 10 Buds is only 4.2g, hardly noticeable, and some earrings are heavier. Wear it, enjoy it, forget you’re wearing it. That’s how it is.

While I haven’t tested this part, the device is rated for IPX4, that’s water resistance enough for sweating and probably running under the rain for a bit.

Lastly, for Android users, there’s a WIKO Connect app on Google Play so you can customize the WIKO 10 Buds to control EQ settings, tweak battery status, and more. Good know, nice to have installed, but not having the app doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of music, games, and movies.

It’s all conservative, just works, sounds great, lasts long, is easy to use, and at only P1,499, the WIKO Buds 10 is probably the easiest to recommend Bluetooth ear buds on the market now.

Exclusive on Lazada and Shopee only on September 9 (whole day) – get the WIKO Buds 10 for only P999, instead of the regular SRP of P1,499.

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