With the scorching summer heat now at its peak, hotel bookings are increasing along with the various summer escapades leisure brands are offering. More people are searching for-and grabbing-the best deals, and while out-of-town summer outings are usually preferred by Filipino families, staycations are increasingly becoming a popular option.

Today, online booking sites and apps offer users a more convenient way to find their ideal hotels. Because of the current high demand among local and foreign travelers alike, however, securing the best deals can be a challenge.

Since establishing its footing in the Philippines in 2018, OYO, South Asia’s largest tech-driven hotel chain, has been providing travelers with great experience through affordable yet quality accommodation. Here are a few tips and reminders to score the best hotel deals:

Create a list of options and set a budget

A vacation experience depends to a certain extent on the accommodation and one’s budget. No one wants to reach their bucket-list destination only to find out they have an insanely priced accommodation or have booked a place far from being the most ideal hotel.

Creating a list of hotel options allows vacationers to filter better the hotels that suit their needs and preferences. This means vacationers must do their homework and start looking early enough to get the best possible deals. Check out potential accommodations in the destination. Select hotels based on location, price and amenities. This helps spot the best deals to give you and your companions a smooth-sailing vacation.

Check reviews

A deal may seem great at first glance but it is always best to check. If it’s too good to be true, it might not be true.

Verify information before clicking the book button. Some hotels may offer what seem to be hot deals at first but are really packages with hidden extra charges.

Do not rely solely on data and pictures posted on the hotel’s website. One great way to find out if a hotel is the right one for you is to read the customer reviews. Make sure to visit the review section of a hotel both on its website and social media accounts. What better way to verify hotel amenities and services than from previous guests.

Contact the hotel and check on hidden charges

Avoid unwanted surprises at your destination by getting more information about what to expect. Before hitting the book button, contact the hotel directly and discuss the details posted online. Some hotels include only the base accommodation cost on their online quote and then add additional fees upon check-out. Contacting the hotel directly would be the best way to avoid hidden charges. Doing so also allows direct negotiation with the hotel staff to customize the booking to your requirements.

Get notified through an app

Browsing sites one by one to check what they offer can be time-consuming. The best way to secure a good deal is to get immediate notifications from a site or an app. This saves you from the long and hassling process of looking up hotels by getting the job done faster while notching you bigger discounts.

Earn points by referring a friend

While booking for yourself and your loved ones, you may refer your friends to the same hotel and earn points for discounts. Some hotels have apps that give point credits when users refer a friend to book as well. These points can be converted into discounts or even actual currency.

OYO’s mobile app enables customers to search for the nearest OYO hotel, book with ease and be notified immediately of any ongoing discounts. It sends out push notifications to users.

From guest houses to executive airport hotels, OYO lets guests find the best deals through its mobile app. Photos of the accommodations and their list of facilities are also displayed so that travelers will be sure to book a room that’s exactly to their liking. More importantly, it offers great deals at an affordable price.

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