Though there is a current profusion of beauty regimes and treatments which pledge to restore youth and beauty, only a few can actually deliver on their promises. Based on countless testimonials from satisfied international clients, one such method is the Time Machine Procedure™, which makes use of advanced derma technology to make skin loo five to ten years younger.

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Exclusively available in the Philippines through SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics, the Time Machine Procedure™ is the brainchild of Dr. Tess Mauricio, whose success has given her moniker “America’s Favorite Dermatologist”. The Time Machine Procedure’s™ non-invasive technology addresses all the factors that cause skin aging: skin deterioration and sun damage, wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume, and hyperactivity of muscles in facial expression. Unlike most other cosmetic treatments, the Time Machine Procedure™ is valued for the natural-looking effect it gives to rejuvenated skin.

SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics, in collaboration with M Beauty by Dr. Tess, is proud to add the Time Machine Procedure™ to their wide range of state-of-the-art skincare methods.

“What drew us to the Time Machine Procedure™ is the science behind it,” explained Dr. Issa Cellona of SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics. “At SkinCell, all our treatments and procedures are based entirely on the latest clinical research involving skin science and dermatology, so our patients can be assured that they truly are being given the best care,” she added.

tess mauricio, skincellph

SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics is run by accredited and intensively trained dermatology experts and technicians who value scientifically sound dermatology practices to attend to their clients’ medical and aesthetic needs.

tess mauricio, skincellph

“We were personally trained by Dr. Tess in her own clinic in the US to assure our clients that we would be able to deliver optimal results,” Dr. Cellona said. “We are honored to count the Time Machine Procedure™ among our premium services; consistent with everything we do at Skincell, the Science is Clear,” Dr. Cellona concluded.

To learn more, check out or visit the SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics at the San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, Makati, or at New Bocobo Center, Ermita, Manila.


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