What’s more exciting than grocery shopping? It’s grocery shopping with BIG DISCOUNTS on your purchases! 

We bet that payday feeling is still fresh from your end-of-the-month salary. If you want to splurge to satisfy your cravings or stock up on your pantry needs, head on to the foodpanda app to shop for your groceries now! 

foodpanda is having its biggest grocery sale of the year on March 6-8, 2023. This special 3-day sale offers up to 50% off on a wide assortment of your favorite brands PLUS additional P125 off on your total purchase amount by using the code PMARTDAY on foodpanda shops like:

Robinsons Easymart, All Day, Waltermart, Ever Supermarket, 7-Eleven, MerryMart, The Marketplace, Shopwise, and Watsons.

Looking for what to buy? Here’s a guide for you, and exclusive deals to help you decide what to add to your cart:

Munch on some snacks

It’s almost the weekend, and you’re preparing for a barkada hangout or a movie marathon with your family. To complete that get-together experience, buy your chips and snacks from Fritolay and save up to 15% off. Take a pick from Lay’s, Doritos, Smartfood, Ruffles, and Cheetos to munch on and enjoy alongside your loved ones and friends. 

Save more on foodpanda's biggest grocery sale!

You can also add a few of your favorite URC goodies, including Piattos and Cloud 9, and top it off with a cold refreshment from C2 or Chill. But, if you’re up for something hot, grab a cup of Great Taste coffee. And the best part? You get to avail up to 30% off from these items for your food trip session. 

Save more on foodpanda's biggest grocery sale!

Beat the heat

The summer season is fast approaching, and we start feeling it bit by bit as each day passes. So stay hydrated with the help of Coca-Cola’s refreshing beverages. Drink a cold bottle of Wilkins, or add a bit of flavor with Coke or Royal to get a free Sprite drink to go with it. 

Save more on foodpanda's biggest grocery sale!
Save more on foodpanda's biggest grocery sale!

Let’s all scream for ice cream as much-loved flavors from the Selecta Supreme Bestsellers like Choco Almond Fudge or Cookies n’ Cream, as well as single-serving ice cream treats like Cornetto and Magnum, also offer discounts on your purchase. 

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing 

Save more on foodpanda's biggest grocery sale!

At foodpanda, not only can you get your hands on the most delicious snacks and drinks, but it also has the items you need for your skincare routine. Get big savings of up to 50% off on your favorite Nivea products like the Micellar water, lip balm, and lotion for a more healthy and glowing skin. 

Download the foodpanda app now and order your groceries from March 6-8 to enjoy the exciting offers and exclusive discounts from foodpanda’s biggest 3-day grocery sale. 

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