The new version of Kaspersky VPN, unveiled today, introduces a dramatic boost in VPN tunnel performance, a 200% increase compared to 2020. A split tunneling feature grants users the ability to prioritize secure connection traffic for certain services while a VPN for routers capability automatically re-routes any connected device at home. 

Global VPN usage is on the rise, with the market set to reach a colossal $77.1 billion by 2026. It comes as no surprise to see its popularity grow however, as installing a VPN provides a quick and easy way to improve security and prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. It does this by routing data through an encrypted tunnel, which hides the IP address and makes it look as though the connection has come from elsewhere. 

Alongside the performance increase, the updated Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection’s split tunneling feature allows users to select exactly what traffic goes through the VPN. This will help to achieve better performance, letting the user prioritize high-bandwidth traffic, focus on data in sensitive apps and disable the VPN for other apps, which can be reliant on location data. 

The geography of servers within Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection has also been greatly increased, now offering 86 locations across 68 regions. This lets users access a wider range of content on the biggest global streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer. An intuitive new function of the VPN helps customers to pick the best location for a particular task, by recommending the one that provides the best performance level, for either streaming or torrenting.

On top of this, the VPN for routers now allows all devices connected to home Wi-Fi to run through the VPN automatically, without having to set up each one individually. This feature is particularly useful for smart TVs, smart locks, and other smart home gadgets, on which a user cannot install a VPN directly, therefore providing uninterrupted privacy and security to these devices.

“As people continue to work from home and spend more time online, an increased importance is placed on keeping their data private as well as securing connected home devices. To support consumers with their needs we’ve invested a lot into the improvement of our Kaspersky VPN. As a result, consumers can experience the great achievement of boosted VPN tunnel performance, with a 200% increase compared to 2020. The VPN also sees new features and greater UX to ensure speed, privacy and high performance of connection across all home devices,” comments Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

The new Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is available now. To find out more about the product, visit here.

More information about new features in Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection are also available via this link.

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