Pleasing the customer goes beyond the completion of the sale. At LG, customer service means providing dedicated support through digital and traditional means.

A customer service reformation is taking place. It is no longer just a post-sales process nor an afterthought in the consumer experience journey. It doesn’t just involvescheduling an installation or having a technician come to take a look at a problematic product. This procedure requires a lot of time and even money (some service engineers take a long time to visit the customer’s premises and sometimes even charge for the visit). Given the rapid pace of modern life, consumers would rather not spend effort to search for product documentation, make multiple calls to support helplines or wait a few days to get help with their appliances. Today’s consumers now demand quick service 24 hours a day, seven days a week—and expect an integrated, seamless, and stress-free experience the whole way.

Pleasing the customer goes beyond the completion of the sale. At LG, customer service means providing dedicated support through digital and traditional means.

Digitalization has been an accelerator in creating a new customer service experience. The rise of new digital technologies has opened up fresh opportunities for retailers to build an ongoing dialogue with their customers. Online channels are now a critical aspect of customer service, with customers lodging complaints and queries via social media channels. And in this age of smart gadgets and mobile technology, retailers have invested in mobile applications that can help and engage their consumers in a more efficient manner.

For LG Electronics, consumer service is an urgent imperative—it does not stop safeguarding its products once they are in the consumer’s home. In order to better service its customers, LG has come up with a solution that leverages mobile technology to take the post-sales journey one step further. The electronics manufacturer now offers Smart Diagnosis System on its appliances, an intuitive technology that enhances consumer satisfaction by bringing speed and accuracy to troubleshooting.

Consumers who have recently bought LG smart appliances can download the app on their mobile gadgets and use it to diagnose problems with their LG washing machine, refrigerator or TV. Once the issue has been recognized, customers can call the LG helpline if they need more help to resolve the issue. But even this next step is a stress-free process. Smart Diagnosis includes downloadable diagnostic information that will allow LG technicians to troubleshoot problems when the customer presses a sequence of buttons on their appliance. This triggers a series of diagnostic tones that correspond to a specific maintenance need that can be identified and corrected by a service technician over the phone. Through the Smart Diagnosis System, LG won’t have to send a service technician to visit the customer’s home for diagnosis, eliminating one step in the repair process, thus saving time and effort.

If the problem can’t be resolved over the phone, Smart Diagnosis can identify the problem and enable the LG technician to come prepared with the correct parts so that repair can be swiftly carried out in a single visit.

Smart Diagnosis, combined with LG’s long-term product warranties, illustrates how LG’s customer service is as reliable and adaptable as it home appliances. The system enhances the efficient post-sales service the brand already has in place, which includes traditional channels such as a support helpline (local and domestic toll-free numbers available) and dedicated service centers across the Philippines. LG has an active online presence as well—customers can direct queries on the LG Philippines Facebook page or schedule a call appointment from a support representative on the brand’s website. The website also allows customers to register a product, download manuals and software updates, watch video tutorials, and learn tips regarding a certain product.

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