Apacer Technology (TAIEX 8271), the world’s leading memory brand, announces the Apacer 3.0 upgrade roadmap for 2015 to forecast breakthrough developments and record revenue. Apacer will not only focus on the core business, but will also expand itself under the guidance of 3 key strategies โ€“ form strategic industry alliances into the niche market; open up emerging markets to explore new blue oceans; and build up talent supply chain to stabilize corporate roots. These 3 key strategies highlight Apacer’s dedication to exploring potential markets and expanding outreach on the global scale.

Market research shows a positive trend in global memory demand in 2015 mainly driven by mobile devices, tablet, and SSD(Solid State Disk) products โ€“ whereas SSD’s increasing rate of adoption in computers, data centers, and servers also plays a significant factor in this uptrend. With Apacer’s deep industry experience and highly customized services winning the acclaim and trust of global partners and clients, its consolidated revenue of 2014 has already exceeded NTD 10 billion as a result of Apacer’s demonstrated excellence in the embedded, cloud, mobile, and gaming sectors.

CK Chang, President of Apacer, said, โ€œApacer is full of hope going into 2015. We innovate with breakthroughs, and we look to conquer the next peak. We are launching Apacer 3.0 plan this year to fully upgrade and expand our business models for the future. Apacer is focusing on global breakthrough developments in 4 major sectors tailored to the regional markets โ€“ strategic alliance in the embedded industry, conforming to mobile devices, embracing gaming, and cloud integrated development. We will highlight our advantages to improve our competitiveness and breathe new life into the industry.โ€

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3 Key Strategies Across 4 Industry Sectors to Gain Momentum into 2015

I. Strategic Alliance in the Embedded Industry

Apacer is highly experienced in the embedded industry and has made continuous efforts to enhance its R&D capabilities for long-term growth. Its recent announcement of a strategic alliance with its partner combines the experiences and R&D capabilities of Apacer’s SSD with the partner’s controller technology to innovate and create synergies. Together, this alliance will discover potential demands and improve competitiveness in the niche market to face the volatile storage market hand-in-hand.

II. Embracing Gaming

Apacer has continued to introduce high-end DDR3, DDR4, and SSD products for the professional gamers in need of speed and in pursuit of identity โ€“ for these high-end equipment are designed for the gaming enthusiasts and overclockers alike. The Apacer gaming series will debut for the greater Chinese market this year to introduce exceptional performance with personal identity designed specifically for the gamers. Gamers can expect higher standards in performance, graphics, and cooling solutions in a whole new package.

III. Conforming to Mobile Devices

The wide spread popularity of mobile devices around the world has also greatly driven the demand for peripheral products in consumers. Apacer is introducing the practical and fashionable peripheral product series for the consumers to reveal personal taste. Recent development in wireless charging is leading way for manufactures of electric vehicles, game consoles, and consumer electronics to introduce the technology into their products, and mobile device makers are of no exception. Apacer recognizes the potential in wireless charging and will be debuting the series of products and applications for this emerging market. Consumers will soon be living the โ€œwirelessโ€ smart lifestyle powered by Apacer.

IV. Cloud Integration

The Internet-of-things (IoT) is going to massively drive up computing and storage solutions, while the industry is merely tailing the market into the cloud, data centers, servers, and other related applications. With its forward-thinking strategy, Apacer offers highly-integrated cloud storage solutions with a focus on niche applications to develop selected markets, well ahead of the competition into the cloud solutions.

Sustainable Corporate Growth Built on Talent Supply Chain

Apacer believes that employees are the most important asset of a corporation and the key to sustainability. Starting from 2015, Apacer initiated the talent supply chain system based on positions and required core competence. Talent development is now closely linked to the strategic goals of the organization to lay a good foundation for sustainable development. Assessment tools are introduced in the process of recruitment, training, performance evaluation, promotion and job assignment to establish a precise talent database to meet the demand of future growth. Furthermore, Apacer will continue to rotate management level personnel to challenge professional managers with more market opportunities and broader platforms for growth and innovation.

About Apacer

Apacer Technology Inc. offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the computer industry. Since its establishment, Apacer has always followed its promise, โ€œAccess the best,โ€ to produce reliable, innovative products and services. Apacer supplies customers with high performance, reliable, high-value memory modules and flash memory via a marketing network that stretches across worldwide distributors, product manufacturing facilities, and retail consumers. Apacer provides innovative, state-of-the-art digital storage products to store, record, and share the digital information crucial to people’s work and essential to their daily lives.