Automatic VO2 Max tracking feature, enabled in the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

It is half way through the year, how are you doing with your fitness resolutions so far? If you’re guilty of slacking these past weeks, maybe you can use a little help to get back on track. Start with your gear ─ think workout clothes, training shoes, earphones.

Apart from the extra push you get from music, some earphones nowadays come with matching apps to help you stay motivated and in the zone. Copenhagen-based brand of headphones Jabra constantly invests in research and development to continue championing breakthrough technology to inspire people in ways they never thought possible.


At present, Jabra is among the few brands that enable tracking of the VO2 Max, which is all the rage in wearable tech these days. A scientific way to measure absolute fitness, VO2 Max describes the maximum rate of oxygen that your body consumes during exercise and helps determine your endurance level.

Analyzing your VO2 Max levels can be used to enhance your performance. Tools like the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition with automatic VO2 Max tracking can indicate whether you are gaining the desired effects from your workout, thereby allowing you to make the necessary changes otherwise.

Depending on the earphones model, an integrated Jabra app is available to give motivational training tips and allow you to plan, monitor, and evaluate your training. Some variants also have a built-in heart rate monitor, with clinical-grade accuracy, that ensures you are always training at the right intensity level to optimize your performance.

Nowadays, it’s better to go for wireless accessories to ensure your workouts are not interrupted by tangling or disconnection. Make sure your choice of earphones is lightweight and utilizes an ergonomic design that will keep it in place and not hurt your ears. More importantly, it has to be able to get rid of the surrounding noise at the gym so you can focus on your performance, while at the same time deliver superior sound quality to maximize your music motivation.

If you’re on-call round-the-clock, pick accessories that allow you to receive or make calls even as you are running 5 mph on the treadmill. Jabra earphones have a wind-protected microphone and weather-resistant durability that allow you to comfortably take your calls wherever life takes you. With additional instant access to Siri® at the tap of the voice button, you can have the information you need and get things done on the go.

With all these amazing features, you probably think the caveat is on the device’s battery life. Jabra offers an industry-leading 17 hours of talk time, or 15 hours of music time, with just one charge. Some models have a rapid charge feature, allowing you to charge up your headphones while you get ready, as 15 minutes of charging provides you with 60 minutes of battery life.

The rugged appeal of Jabra sports headphones perfectly sync with the street wear style of fashion designer Kaye Morales. In the recently held Philippine Fashion Week, Morales showcased her collection “Vomit Art,” which was inspired by the avant-garde genre of modern art of the same name that dares people to see perfection in the derelict.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition earphones complete the look of this runway model at the 21st Philippine Fashion Week

In partnership with premier Apple partner Power Mac Center, Morales featured her new line of apparel that spelled pop art and punk aesthetics all over, while her models strutted the runways donning the different Jabra headphones.

“Power Mac Center is always on the lookout to bring the Filipino market products that improve not just their digital experience but their overall lifestyle as well. We’re more than happy to serve those who are serious about their fitness goals,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

It’s never too late to get started or go back to working on your fitness goals. Just keep at it day by day and with a little help, you’ll see results eventually. Jabra products are available at select Power Mac Center stores. More information may be obtained from Power Mac Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@powermaccenter) or Jabra on Facebook and Instagram (@Jabra).

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