Homecooks vary in their skills and approaches to cooking. Whether it’s their innate ability to balance flavors or the desire to take up special courses to learn new techniques, all homecooks share one thing in common:  their love for cooking only good food for their loved ones. 

MAGGI, the trusted ally of Pinoys in the kitchen, is here to help ensure that homecooks are able to serve balanced meals as part of their family’s daily diet. Through its Sarap Sustansya campaign, MAGGI provides the six common types of homecooks – from The Newbie to The Budgetarian – with recipe ideas, cooking tips, nutrition guides, and more that can be easily accessed via its MAGGI website. 

  1. The Newbie – Cooking a meal for the first time may seem daunting, especially for someone new in the kitchen. Holding a knife properly, cutting techniques and choosing the right pans or pots may be new skillsets they are still trying to master, but their passion and enthusiasm to learn makes any cooking challenge insurmountable. New home cooks can start by creating a dish that is simple yet tasty, such as hotdog fried rice, and ginisang sardinas with egg. Made with ingredients that are staples in any home kitchen, these dishes are an easy way to kickstart their cooking journey. Chef Erik Magtanong regularly hosts cooking demos on the MAGGI Facebook page to help cookmares enhance their cooking abilities. His most recent cooking demo for pumpkin soup, sinigang na bangus and tortang talong can inspire The Newbie to give healthy ingredients a flavorful twist! 
  1. The Culinary Adventurer – As someone who loves cooking, The Culinary Adventurer is not afraid to whip up something new for their family. Whether it’s using a new ingredient or giving a twist to the classic adobo or sinigang, these homecooks are open to constantly finding ways to improve their recipes. They are also open to experimenting and creating fusion dishes that are inspired by different cultures such as the kimchi rice and teriyaki tapa. Joining the MAGGI Sarap Sustansya Kusinaskwela Facebook Community is great way to exchange ideas among likeminded cookmares, and signing up for membership can spell exciting rewards such as downloading new recipes and other freebies.
  1. The Confident Cook – The favorite meal provider in every handaan, this cook exudes confidence in the kitchen and can make just about any dish magical. Unlocking this level of cooking skill comes from hours of practical experience – discovering which ingredients work well together, or which cooking methods are best for specific dishes, and even having an intimate knowledge of how their kitchen works (they know which part of their oven runs hottest, and the ideal spot to store their spices). Confident Cooks are not afraid to make mistakes and can easily adjust flavor profiles as needed. MAGGI.ph offers inspiration with over 500 recipes from entrees, appetizers, to desserts, and even a full buffet for special occasions like the Noche Buena and Media Noche dinners. Surely, they have mastered the traditional pinoy spaghetti, chicken macaroni salad and a lot more dishes for these special occasions!
  1. The Busy Bee – As someone who is always on the go, the Busy Bee chooses recipes that are simple and cooks in a snap. The MAGGI website has a wide array of dishes that are ready in 15-minutes or less, like the sweet and sour squidballs, litsong baka sisig, or creamy burger patty. Time-saving information such as required ingredients, estimated cooking time, and nutritional value are indicated per recipe on the MAGGI website to make it easy for The Busy Bee to prepare a freshly-cooked meal for the family. Alleviating the stress and effort of meal-prepping without compromising on the appeal, flavor and nutritional benefits of the dish helps The Busy Bee accomplish their goal of giving families a meal they all enjoy despite a jam-packed schedule.
  1. The Health Buff – Counting calories and preparing meal plans can be stressful. That is why MAGGI makes it easier for homecooks by providing recipes made with nutritious ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle. Recipes with low-fat, egg-lacto-vegetarian, and keto-friendly ingredients are just some of the healthy options to choose from in the MAGGI website. Recipes like shrimp and broccoli and fish fillet and tofu, for example, not only appeal to health-conscious family members, but to those with discerning palates as well.
  1. The Budgetarian – With the rising cost of commodities, finding nutritious options for family meals within a limited budget is more challenging than ever. The Budgetarian believes that creating dishes that are tasty yet delicious shouldn’t break the bank. They opt for economical dishes like adobong kangkong, fried chicken 2 ways, and ginisang ampalaya at sardinas that have become menu mainstays. The Budgetarian chooses ingredients that are filled with nutritious goodness but can also serve as an alternative to more expensive proteins, such as beans, eggs and tokwa; or one-pot meals like soups and stews.

Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Officer – Food and Dairy Culinary Business Unit at Nestlé Philippines, said, “MAGGI, as your kitchen ally, makes preparing and cooking meals for the family a hassle-free experience no matter your what type of cook you are. MAGGI is here to inspire you to be the best cookmare you can be.” 

Simba added that MAGGI strives for ways to continue empowering moms and home cooks to make healthier choices through their programs. “With the MAGGI YouTube Channel and MAGGI Facebook page, we hope to inspire our community of cookmares online to choose and create healthier and tastier dishes every time.”

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