Philippines — July 27—  Zoho Corporation, a global technology company offering the most extensive suite of business software applications in the industry, announced that starting today, its online invoicing solution, Zoho Invoice, will be completely free of cost to further extend the company’s support for small and medium-sized businesses. In the last four years, Zoho Finance suite of products revenue growth has rapidly increased, of which Zoho Invoice is a key element, demonstrating the need for a comprehensive invoicing solution for businesses from any industry to modernise their invoicing processes at an accelerated rate. To continue its support of the SMB community, Zoho Invoice offers advanced capabilities such as time tracking, auto recording of expenses, project billing, and 30+ real time reports to help freelancers and small businesses easily navigate the billing and payment collection process, without the concerns of cost. 

For small and medium-sized businesses billing and payment collection has continued to be a challenge, due to administrative costs, limited staff, and insufficient time resources. Additionally, businesses need the ability to access data remotely, which has caused a shift from on-premise solutions to cloud-based solutions. A forecast report by Business Market Insights, published in June 2020 notes that the Asia-Pacific e-invoicing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1% from 2020 to 2027, the market is expected to reach US$ 4,217 million by 2027, from a base of US$ 1,241 million in 2019. Cloud based solutions are expected to drive this growth.

Fully cloud-based, Zoho Invoice enables businesses to create and send fully-customised, professional invoices in less than a minute, follow up for payments automatically, and get paid online to achieve efficiency in their invoice process. Zoho Invoice supports multiple languages including Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia.

Zoho has always supported small and medium-sized businesses, and Zoho Invoice has helped businesses with their invoicing needs since 2008. Zoho Invoice’s free offering will continue to help businesses streamline their billing and payment collection process through streamlined payment collection, simplified billing, tax handling, and more. Invoice integrates with Zoho applications, and also integrates with third-party applications so that businesses can use the solution to sync their AR information to relevant systems contextually. 

“We launched Zoho Invoice in 2008, with the goal of providing a fully customisable invoicing solution for businesses of all sizes. Since then we’ve grown to millions of users worldwide. Through the migration from paper-based invoicing to digital invoicing we’ve seen the need for simplified billing to fit the customised needs of the SMB community,” says Gibu Mathew, VP & GM, APAC, Zoho Corporation. “We hope offering Zoho Invoice for free continues to help businesses rebuild and grow amongst challenging times that they face today and for the future.”

Key benefits of Zoho Invoice include:

  • Simplified billing: Businesses can create and send fully customised, professional invoices within minutes. Invoices can be sent automatically if they are recurring in nature. 
  • Streamlined payment collection: Payments can be collected quickly and securely online through Debit/Credit Cards and PayPal. 
  • Automated payment reminders: Based on customisable settings, the system will automatically send payment reminders to customers through email. 
  • Effortless expense tracking: Expenses can be recorded automatically by scanning the bill or receipt using the Zoho Invoice mobile app.
  • Client portal: Businesses can allow their customers to keep track of all relevant invoices, projects and make payments through the client portal. 
  • Time tracking: Businesses can manage multiple projects, track time and accurately bill their customers. 
  • Instant reports: Businesses have access to 30+, real-time reports that provide insights into key financial metrics such as best-selling products, invoice statuses, pending payments, and more.
  • Mobile apps: Zoho Invoice is available on the web or as a fully functional, downloadable mobile app available for all devices.

“I have been using Zoho Invoice for many years and it’s a piece of software that I’ve come to rely on very heavily. I run my own small business and Zoho Invoice streamlines my billing and allows me to focus on other aspects of my work. I especially like the recurring billing feature as it allows me to collect payments automatically. This is a great tool for anyone who is responsible for invoicing clients.” – Zak Young, Owner of OfficeThug.

“In light of the struggle small businesses have faced during this unprecedented time, Zoho’s decision to change the paid Zoho Invoice Platform to a free platform reflects why they attract such quality employees and partners. Zoho’s understanding of the struggle customers have faced has made our small business loyal in a way that cannot be purchased. Small businesses are the backbone of every country, economically and socially. When critical providers, like Zoho, empathize, understand, and take action to the needs of those small businesses they are directly supporting the economic and social growth of families and countries as a whole.” – Priscilla Angel, Consultant at Ayers Painting.

”As a home-based freelance copywriter, Zoho Invoice has been an indispensable part of my business for years. As a small client, I’ve also appreciated how caring, responsive and personal they were anytime I had a question – I always felt I was getting the same level of support they were giving their big corporate clients. Making Zoho Invoice free is the latest example of the company’s attentiveness to its clients’ needs. I gladly found the funds to pay for this vital service – but as a very small business, being able to take that cost off my expense sheet is a big deal. It’s also an example of why I’m a Zoho fan for life.” -Linda Taubenreuther, from inwords


Zoho Invoice is available for free immediately on the web and as a fully functional, downloadable mobile app on all devices.

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