#ArtLotto uses art as ticket to a fortune. It’s a public service effort that aims to make people be more conscious of the art around, and eventually, help them become richer — both their pocket and their mind. It intends to democratize what seems to be very elitist and tries to make art more inclusive instead of exclusive.

It’s a project by E. Zobel Foundation, 4As Creative Guild of the Philippines, and Publicis JimenezBasic. It was an entry to the E. Zobel Diwa Awards, a platform that aims to help uplift the state of the arts in the Philippines. The project won the grand prize and was given a grant to make it happen.

Adding the #ArtLotto hashtag also allows the post to be part of a people-curated online art gallery found at www.artlotto.ph. This website houses images and videos of all forms of art captured by netizens – from visual to theater to dance to literature to film to architecture to music.



Full Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all Filipino Citizens residing in the Philippines, ages 18 and up.
  2. To join, individual must submit entries from October 15, 2015 to December 31, 2015, by doing the following:
    • Simply take a photo or video (no longer than 15 seconds) of any form of art found anywhere in the Philippines (but not limited to) painting, sculpture, poetry, short story, novel, mosaic, printmaking, dance, theater, architecture, film, photography, music)
    • Upload the photo or video on Twitter or Instagram, caption it, and hashtag it #ArtLotto.
  3. Participants may submit as many entries as possible. But an account cannot submit the same art twice.
  4. Individual must make sure to keep the Instagram or Twitter account active throughout the duration of the promo.
  5. Individual must set to public his / her Instagram or Twitter account so that the hashtagged entry/ies will be counted and validated.
  6. There will be one (1) grand winner of P450,000, which will be determined through a random electronic draw onJanuary 4, 2016.
  7. Prize money is non-transferrable. 20% prize tax will be shouldered by the winner
  8. Deadline of entries will be 11:59 PM of December 31, 2015.
  9. Each properly hashtagged photo and video will be counted as one raffle entry, assigned with a unique number.
  10. All entries will be compiled and will be viewed in the Art Lotto online gallery.
  11. The raffle draw will be done electronically using an online randomizer. Winner will be based on the Twitter / Instagram account.
  12. The winner will be electronically drawn at the Publicis JimenezBasic office located at the 14F Solaris One Bldg., 130 Dela Rosa st., Legaspi Village, Makati, in the presence of E. Zobel Foundation, 4As, Creative Guild of the Philippines and Publicis JimenezBasic representatives.
  13. Draw schedule will be on 4 January 2016, 3 PM.
  14. Prize money can be redeemed at the Publicis JimenezBasic office, 4F Solaris One Bldg., 130 Dela Rosa st., Legaspi Village, Makati.
  15. The winner must:
    • Present the following when claiming their prize:
      • A government-issued ID
      • NSO-certified birth certificate
      • A printout or video file of entry;
    • Be able to log in to the Twitter / Instagram account used in submitting the entry and show the actual entry to the Publicis JimenezBasic representative.
  16. Qualified winner must claim the prize within sixty (60) calendar days from the announcement of winner on the Art Lotto Facebook page. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right over the prize.
  17. The raffle winner agrees to have his / her name and photo included in all advertisements and other related material.
  18. Upon verification, arrangements will be made for the winner to claim his / her prize.
  19. Should the winner send a representative to claim the prize, the representative should present a valid ID, letter of authorization signed by the winner, a photocopy of the winner’s valid ID and birth certificate.
  20. An entry may be disqualified if it is:
    • Defamatory, obscene, and offensive
    • Fraudulent and deceptive
    • Violates the rules of this promo
    • Violates third party rights (including IPR) and internal rules of museums and art houses. In the final selection of the winner, intellectual property laws will be observed.
  21. All employees of the E. Zobel Foundation, 4As, Creative Guild of the Philippines, and Publicis JimenezBasic and its subsidiaries and affiliates, sponsors, agencies, and their family members up to the second degree of consanguinity are not eligible to participate in this promo.


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