If you’re, say, a purchasing officer at a small and medium enterprise, or the head of the household, you might actually think that you’re getting more for your money by purchasing unbranded, compatible ink cartridges compared to original ones.

While the initial, up-front cost may appear lower, there are hidden costs that ultimately add up in the long run – not to mention potential risks to your equipment, your health, and the environment.

This is precisely why HP has long been advocating the use of only original inks in its printers—not just for quality printing and to prolong the life of the printer, but to protect against potential hazards.

The clear advantages of original printer inks

Why using genuine HP Inks are better in the longer run

Firstly, the use of non-genuine inks can actually cost the user more, as the damage it will cause the printer will be quite significant. Toner leaks and clogging the printer heads are a common occurrence when using fake inks.

A technical study done by Market Strategies International reveals that out of the 71,231 printers that are normally serviced in the course of a year, 28% are actually caused by the use of non-original inks. Non-genuine inks are manufactured using inferior materials which normally cracks and leaks, thus causing permanent damage to the printer’s internal hardware.

Secondly, the use of non-original inks also voids the warranty of the printer. It would be such a waste to spend on a good HP printer but then scrimp on using original inks. Using imitation inks forfeits the chances of getting quality technical support which cover printer warranties. Users, more often than not, pay much higher fees to have their printers repaired, when it breaks down.

Then, there’s the possibility of poor-quality print outs. HP printers are designed to work with specific color configurations and using non-genuine inks greatly affects its print quality.

Why using genuine HP Inks are better in the longer run

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the little-known fact that non-genuine inks are known to use Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) with high levels of styrene, both of which are known carcinogens. It would be difficult to determine just how much TVOC and Styrene these imitation products contain as they are manufactured without any quality control measures and are largely unregulated.

And not to be discounted as well is how counterfeit ink cartridges are often not properly disposed, thus adding even more e-waste in landfills.

So, before you issue that purchase order towards replenishing your office’s ink cartridge supply, or for home users before you shop online for printer ink replacements, pause to consider why using original HP ink cartridges brings true value for money, reliability and safety. And to ensure that the HP ink you’re getting is genuine, there’s online verification by scanning the QR code on the label, by examining the labels holographic features on the box, or users can request a free check for bulk orders—online or on-site.

For more information on HP inks, visit www8.hp.com.

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