We tried out PayMaya’s newest feature, which lets you receive Western Union (WU) remittances right in the PayMaya app. Because this works smoothly, anyone can get remittances from loved ones and friends anywhere without going to the nearest WU branch. Here’s what we did and what we think of it.

How to get Western Union remittances on your PayMaya app.


Before we go through the 5 steps, you need to have downloaded the PayMaya app (free for iOS and Android), registered, fully upgraded your account, and shared your SSS/GSIS/TIN ID in the app’s KYC (Know Your Customer) before you can receive domestic and international remittances sent via Western Union remittance to your PayMaya mobile wallet. You also need Internet connectivity on your smartphone.

The 5 Steps

Essentially, you Launch the PayMaya app and Tap Add Money, Choose Western Union, Type in the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number, Tap Receive, and Wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation.

1. Launch the PayMaya app and tap on Add Money.

2. Select Western Union from the list of Add Money Partners.

3. Type in the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your contact’s Western Union transaction. The one sending you money should receive an MTCN from the Western Union representative during the over-the-counter MMT transaction.

4. Tap Receive on the Confirmation screen (do this after you verify the correct transaction details, such as MTCN, Sender Name, and Amount.

5. Wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your remittance.

Here’s What We Think

The wait time was short, the process smooth, and the steps clear and easy to follow.

In about 3 minutes, the entire process was over and our remittance was now ready to be used for paying bills, buying load, paying via scan-to-pay QR, sending money to other PayMaya users, shopping online or in-store (with the in-store payment also possible via either PayMaya virtual or physical card), and more.


If you need to receive remittances sent via Western Union from anywhere in the world, you can now do that in about 3 minutes without leaving your home or office and without braving the traffic, heat, and rain. You only need a fully upgraded PayMaya account (you can download the free app for iOS or Android) and Internet connectivity. It’s so convenient to remittances from loved ones and friends this way.

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