vivo T series delivers premium gaming experience within reach

vivo recently launched its new line of premium smartphones, the vivo T series. Designed to elevate the gaming experience of Filipinos, the vivo T1 5G and vivo T1x have premium features that are set to help gamers bring their A-game in mobile play.

With the advent of gaming sensations like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty and PUBG, the search for mobile-gaming smartphones has become more intensified and competitive than ever. With the addition of the T series smartphones in vivo’s line up, Filipino gamers can now enjoy premium gaming experiences at mid-range price points.

Unparalleled Performance

Designed with gamers in mind, the vivo T1 5G delivers a turbo-level performance with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 55G paired with a large 6.44″ AMOLED Fullsense display with a 90Hz dynamic refresh rate. This means saying goodbye to lags and saying hello to immersive gaming.

Gaming enthusiasts can feel more engaged with each strike they take thanks to the Z-axis linear and 4D gaming variations that create more realistic vibrations. Moreover, vivo T1 5G also delivers a rich audio sound that can reach 71db, making it a perfect companion for gaming and streaming videos online.

Bolting through the line is the vivo T1x, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Processor that’s designed to keep up with the users’ digital lifestyle. With a screen-to-body

ratio of 90.6 percent and a 1080P Ultra Clear Display, gamers and streamers alike can have a seamless view with this device.

vivo T series delivers premium gaming experience within reach

Ultra-Long Play

Gamers surely know how important battery capacity and charging speed are when it comes to gaming smartphones. In games like PUBG Mobile where a single battle match would go on for 30 minutes, it would be wise to opt for smartphones that offer a turbo-level battery capacity.

With a 4700 mAh battery capacity with a 66W FlashCharge technology that charges the device to 50 percent  in just a whopping 18 minutes, low-battery anxiety becomes history when it comes to the vivo T1 5G. vivo also placed a 32,923mm² cooling area and 2,097mm² industry-leading vapor chamber to ensure that the device stays cool even during gameplay.

For an even extended gameplay, users can also opt for the vivo T1x as it comes with a 5000 mAh battery, 18W FlashCharge, and the vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) which helps reduce heating and delivers an overall top-notch mobile experience designed for MVPs.

Turbo-level benchmarks

Having a smartphone that delivers turbo-speed across multiple activities is a must, especially for gamers or those living highly digital lifestyles. As such, vivo does not disappoint with the new T series as it sets out to deliver a smooth experience. 

Saving files and seamless switching between apps are also a breeze as the vivo T1 5G has a 128GB large memory and up to 4GB from ROM to add to its 8GB RAM. For the vivo T1x, users can even get an extra oomph with its extended RAM of up to 1GB.

Despite being branded as a gaming smartphone line-up, the T series also boasts turbo imaging capabilities. The T1 5G carries a 64MP AI HD Triple Camera System, 4K Ultra HD Video, dual-view video, and a super night mode feature while the T1x offers a unique triple shot camera feature that allows users to capture moments at any given instance.

vivo T series delivers premium gaming experience within reach

The T1 5G is available in two colors: Turbo Black and Turbo Cyan  while the T1x is available in Space Blue and Gravity Black. The vivo T series is now available on vivo’s official website and official e-commerce flagship stores. The vivo T1 5G retails at Php 16,999 and the vivo T1x is available at Php 8,999.

Customers can get the line-up at an even lower cost once they purchase through the vivo’s official website, with the T1 5G sold at only Php 15,999 and the T1x for Php 8,499. For more information about the T series, visit vivo’s website and social media pages.

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