UBX, the leading open finance platform in the Philippines, has been tapped by Global Electric Transport (GET) Philippines, a pioneer in electric mass mobility as a service in the country, to launch Alamat Digitized Membership (DMs)

Under the partnership, UBX will serve as the primary tech partner for GETโ€™s rollout of Alamat DMs, which the public can acquire to subscribe to the electric bus service and at the same time help deploy more electric mass transport vehicles in the Philippines.

โ€œThis partnership is proof that the fintech and blockchain innovation have the power to bring positive impact in several industries while simultaneously supporting sustainable initiatives through technology. We can confidently guarantee that UBX is equipped to enable several companies and individuals to be transparent in their sustainability and ESG efforts,โ€ UBX President and CEO John Januszczak said.

The Alamat DMs are blockchain-enabled digital characters that allow the owner to support the manufacture of the COMET electric minibuses that we are starting to see on our thoroughfares and earn rewards from the rollout of these vehicles. 

Alamat DMs will be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

Aside from supporting the rollout of the COMET Electric buses, Alamat owners can immerse themselves in a gaming experience using the ALAMAT characters, allowing them to earn rewards by playing as well as generating gamified returns from the operations of the COMET electric vehicles.  Alamat owners also enjoy several perks and benefits, including discounts for buying early as well as redeemable points in the GETPASS mobile app which will allow them to ride the COMET electric minibuses. 

โ€œBeyond simply buying, owning and earning a digital asset, Alamat owners contribute to the countryโ€™s shared goal of providing safer, convenient, and more environmentally friendly alternatives to current modes of public transport. With this partnership, we also hope to give commuters a better ride and drivers better working conditions,โ€ said GET President Freddie Tinga.

More than just encouraging the public to participate in the deployment of electric vehicles in the country, Tinga said that this initiative also aspires to encourage more Filipinos to use public transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of the country brought about polluting public and private vehicles.

The COMET is currently being used by many corporations for their fleet shuttle needs. The COMET is also now ideally positioned to be the most environmentally sustainable alternative to jeepneys, the most common form of public transportation nationwide. With over 300,000 in number across the Philippines and 80,000 in Metro Manila alone, jeepneys are the top contributor to pollution and traffic congestion. On the other hand, one COMET vehicle can reduce the annual carbon dioxide emission by 40,000 kilograms and can cater to as many as 150,000 commuters a year.

โ€œPart of our mission of financial inclusivity is to improve the quality of life of Filipinos across the archipelago. Collaborating with GET Philippines is one step to achieving this goal because beyond providing the opportunity to be a member, we are empowering them to directly contribute to and get rewarded from the transformation of public transportation and sustainability at the same time,โ€ Januszczak said.

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