With heightened vigilance against the ongoing pandemic still in place for the coming school year, it seems prudent that online learning continue to be the norm for many academic institutions this year. 

To make sure that students still have engaging virtual lessons and that teachers can maximize and secure the online class environment, the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) tapped Globe to boost its online learning system with Google Workspace (GWS) for Education Plus. 

Globe offers Google Workspace for Education Plus as a digital tool meant to make school collaboration easier among faculty, parents, and students, to make the school easier for administrators to manage, and to keep the online environment safe and convenient for all who participate in it. It provides educational institutions with a full range of premium features, including advanced security and analytics, teaching and learning upgrades, and more.

With GWS Education Plus, the university and its stakeholders are protected through advanced security tools, which prevent threats and eliminate phishing and spam. Among these security tools are Data Loss Protection (DPL), which allows user to set their own rules to prevent data theft; Identity and Access Management, which gives secure access to tools with powerful two-factor authentication; and Advanced Detection, which helps them guard against security risks by providing a dashboard of security analytics and insights.

Meanwhile, teachers can use additional Google Meet tools to encourage active class participation, such as breakout rooms, Q&A, polling, and more. They may also connect and engage with up to 250 attendees per meeting and save recorded meetings directly to Google Drive, so that the class and faculty can revisit it later if they need to. 

Lastly, administrators also have access to enhanced cloud search and support assistance, which allows them to easily search and retrieve information from the schoolโ€™s data repositories. This is useful when they need reported information to guide them as they manage resources and run smoother operations.

“The UA&P Center for Teaching and Learning hopes to elevate the learning experience for teachers and students. Having the right tools to make the learning experience more efficient and enjoyable is part of the reason why we’re so excited to have the Google Workspace Education Plus upgrade from Globe. As a bonus, it can be easily integrated into our existing learning systems such as LMS and Canvas making the transition smooth and easy,” said Maita Pelea, Instructional Designer, UA&P.

With Globe by its side, UA&P is equipped with the right resources to keep their stakeholders engaged, ensuring a quality education system for everyone. 

โ€œWe continue to support academic institutions in enhancing their online learning capabilities with our digital solutions in line with our commitment to uplift the quality of education in our country,โ€ said Globe Education Segment Head Mark Abalos. 

The University of Asia & the Pacific is a private, not-for-profit institution for higher learning that offers some of the most outstanding academic programs in Asia. To know more about the UA & P, visit www.uap.asia.ย 
To discover more about Globeโ€™s digital solutions for education, visitย www.globe.com.ph/education.

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