BitTorrent Client

Are you a Globe Tatoo DSL subscriber?

Have you had problems with your internet connection for the past 2 weeks to a month?

Do you have torrent client running on your PC? That could be the culprit. For uTorrent, you need to uncheck all Basic BitTorrent features.

BitTorrent > Preferences > BitTorrent


Bit torrent


For subscribers on Dynamic IPs only, your torrent client’s settings could be messing up your internet connectivity. You don’t even need to be downloading anything. Just the torrent client open and on your system tray is enough. And not all technicians know about this. It just happened that the technician who visited our house, Marc Sideno, figured it out earlier today.

To find out dynamic IP go to reboot modem, if you have same IP after rebooting then you have a static IP.  If you get another IP, then you’re on a dynamic IP.

Resetting your Username and Password

If you’ve been calling the customer service hotline, you’ve probably heard this already.  Call the customer service department for instructions on how to do this.



Internet/ Landline Box

That’s the box where your internet and landline connect.  Check if any of the wires are loose. The Globe technical crew replaced my box and the line going outside of the house. The box looks like this:


Thank you Marc Sedeno and crew in fixing my internet connection.  I was lucky to get you guys!