To strengthen the security and help users derive more enjoyment from mobile life

TAIPEI, January 2015 – Mobile security threats are becoming more prevalent as the popularity of smartphones increases. But just as mobility is sweeping the world so is Android malware which is soaring in number every year. Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions committed to providing the best mobile security for consumers, today announced a partnership agreement with ASUS, under the terms of which ASUS will preload Trend Micro’s Dr. Safety app on the latest ASUS™ ZenFone 2 smartphones to help protect users from account fraud, privacy risks, phishing, lost devices, and unwanted contact, plus a feature that recommends safe mobile games for users. Dr. Safety features AV-TEST certified mobile security technology which according to an AV-TEST November 2014 evaluation detected 100% of a representative set of malicious apps over a four week period. It offers the best mobile security protection, seamless gaming experience, and a list of recommended games that have been tested for their security, allowing ASUS ZenFone 2 users to enjoy a safe, easy, joyful, and seamless mobile security experience with an additional layer of protection.

“Mobile threats are proliferating around the globe, with Android malware expected to hit a record 8 million in 2015,” said Eva Chen, CEO at Trend Micro. “As a global leader in security, Trend Micro is committed to providing the best mobile security protection for users. The partnership with leading technology company, ASUS, is not only exciting news for both of us, but also marks an important milestone where the online security of smartphone users is taken to a new level through maximized hardware-software integration. Going forward, we hope that more mobile device makers will follow suit to squarely face the challenge of mobile security. We also expect to work with more industry leaders in the future to enhance the mobile security of the entire planet.”

As mobility continues to flourish, smartphones and tablets are becoming an integral part of the lives of almost everyone. The ubiquity of mobility is also making certain daily life activities easier for consumers. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also taking stock of this development and mobile threats have as a result been proliferating at an alarming rate. Take the most prevalent Android threats for example, it only requires an innocent click on a seemingly harmless link for a user to disclose their personal information or account credentials to cybercriminals, leading to account fraud, stolen in-game items, unknowingly downloaded spyware, or even through-the-roof credit card bills. The ensuing security breaches indicate the general lack of security awareness among mobile device users. This demands more effective joint efforts among vendors to create robust protection against mobile threats.

By embedding Trend Micro Dr. Safety in the latest ASUS ZenFone 2 smartphones and therefore advocating hardware-software integration in mobile security landscape, Trend Micro and ASUS are leading by example. In the latest ASUS ZenFone 2 smartphones, users will get the best and most comprehensive security protection services available right off the bat.

“ASUS provides seamless mobile experiences through innovative products that combine cutting-edge technologies. We are very glad to cooperate with the global security leader, Trend Micro, to enhance the safety of our flagship smartphone range. ZenFone 2 with Trend Micro’s Dr. Safety app leverages our complementary hardware-software expertise to deliver formidable, browser-integrated mobile security for consumers.” said Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS.

To counter the actions of cybercriminals, who are increasingly focusing on Android OS, Trend Micro introduces Dr. Safety app to offer the most comprehensive security protection for Android users. Leveraging Trend Micro’s active protection from the cloud, it analyzes the behaviors of mobile apps in real-time and helps block privacy breaches caused by malicious apps, websites, and text messages. Users will be able to protect their invaluable data assets on lost devices by enabling the anti-theft protection feature online via a web browser. The nine safeguarding features in Dr. Safety include:

Security Threat Scan – an industry first! – detects and blocks malicious apps before they can reach your device. It can also remove malicious apps already on your Android phone or tablet, and restore the proper settings that malicious apps might have changed

Zenfone 2 Trend Micro

  • Privacy Risk Scan – identifies which apps collect and steal personal data
  • Lost Device Protection – lets you find, lock, or wipe the data off a missing device
  • Safe Web Surfing – blocks malicious websites including fake banking and other fraudulent sites
  • Call & SMS Filter – blocks unwanted contacts and messages based on your preferences
  • Social Media Privacy Advisor – improves your Facebook privacy settings
  • Apps & Games – shows which have passed certain security checks
  • Dr. Safety Level – receive virtual gifts and enjoy special promotions
  • My Notifications – displays app information, personalized news, and recommendations just for you


As a pioneer in mobile security, Trend Micro hopes that more device makers will acknowledge the importance of mobile security and offer consumers a first line of defense right in their devices.

There are three ways to download the free Dr. Safety app:Zenfone 2 Trend Micro QR Code

1. Go to Google Play store and search for “Dr. Safety”
2. Scan the QR Code and download the app in three seconds
3. Visit Trend Micro Fan Club for details at