Back in the days when psyllium fibre or food fiber, was foreign to Filipinos, one visionary marketing man, took the initiative to educate and introduce the public to what is considered the world’s best source of dietary food fiber. Albert MG Garcia, an advocate of preventive health care since his sporting days playing football with the Philippine National Football Team and athletics in track and field, made available to the local market the first Philippine branded all-natural fiber supplement. His goal was to contribute to the increased well being of Filipinos by getting them to adopt a healthy lifestyle that included a fiber-rich diet.

Garcia walks the talk.  He has been taking psyllium food fiber daily from the time he came out with his first brand in 2001 up to the present, now branded as MEGAFIBER, his value-for-your-money fiber supplement brand. Popularly referred to as the Mr. Fiber of the Philippines, Garcia, together with his marketing team, was the original marketer of psyllium food fiber in the country.

Garcia leads a very active life, plays competitive golf, does mountain climbing – having climbed Mt. Pulag, Mt. Apo, Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah, Mt. Makulot, Mt. Makiling, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Makulot and Mt. Kosciusko in the Snowy Mountains and a lot of trekking along the way. He travels to explore new tourism areas, swims with the whale sharks (butanding), scuba dives and prefers the outdoor life.

Megafiber Food Supplement, Albert MG Garcia

If his current state of health is to serve as an indication, then Garcia has in fact succeeded in contributing to the increased wellbeing of his fellow fiber users.  At the age of 69, Garcia is enjoying good health. A recent routine medical procedure for colonoscopy and CT Scan showed that he has a clean bowel system, free from polyps and the dreaded colon cancer. On top of this, he has low cholesterol levels with increased good cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and his blood sugar though slightly elevated is under control.

He attributes these health gains to his increased fiber intake which has contributed greatly to his preventive health care. His personal experience is what inspires Garcia to further carry on with his advocacy.   In a move to get even more people to regularly take psyllium fiber, Garcia introduced MEGAFIBER to present both existing and potential fiber users a quality fiber supplement that is priced relatively lower than other brands. MEGAFIBER provides the many health benefits of psyllium fiber but is 50% cheaper.  It packs more fiber in every jar and sachet, giving users more value for their money.

So if you are taking fiber but have not switched to MEGAFIBER, you are either paying too much or getting too little product for your money. It’s time to switch to MEGAFIBER.

The Health Benefits of MEGAFIBER

Among the many benefits of MEGAFIBER is improved digestive health.  Because we take in a good amount of food on a daily basis, it is important to regularly eliminate the equivalent of what we eat each day.   Otherwise, we will get constipated and start to self-poison.  This underlines the need for regular bowel movement to clean out the digestive system and completely eliminate waste from the colon and intestines.

Megafiber Food Supplement, Albert MG Garcia

For people who are constipated and who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it is a constant problem to regulate the digestive system and to remove and completely cleanse the bowels.  MEGAFIBER is able to address this problem.  When it absorbs liquids, it forms a slippery film and swells by eight to 14 times its normal weight and forms a soft, bulky mass that passes quickly and easily through the colon and acts like a sponge in the intestinal tract.  It also helps stimulate the reflex needed for the bowels to empty.  By doing so, MEGAFIBER spares you from the health consequences of constipation as well as the sick, uncomfortable feeling that goes with it.

Aside from promoting digestive health, MEGAFIBER also helps reduce the risk of heart disease as it helps absorb bad cholesterol or LDL.  It also assists in blood sugar control and in lowering your uric acid level. It prevents health complications of being overweight by assisting in weight management as it reduces fat absorption and hunger pangs.

Recommended intake is one tablespoon of MEGAFIBER every morning, mixed in a half glass of water or your preferred breakfast drink.

Available over the counter at Mercury Drug outlets and other major drugstores nationwide, MEGAFIBER has bigger 7.5g sachets at P10.75 a piece (P325 for a box of 30 sachets), and bigger 300g jars sold at P430. MEGAFIBER is also available in a half-kilo family size pack at P705 for even bigger savings.   Information channels were made available to address inquiries – the consumer hotlines 524-6549, 354-2208 to 09 and 09474890262; website, MEGAFIBER Facebook page; and email.

As a living testament to the benefits of regularly taking MEGAFIBER, Garcia hopes to get even more Filipinos to make it part of their daily routine. But as it stands, he finds fulfillment in knowing that he has done his part in eliminating constipation in the Philippines and turning it into a nation of individuals enjoying a sense of wellbeing. He is, after all, the acknowledged Mr. Fiber of the Philippines.

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