StackLeague is  the country’s 1st year-round competitive programming league launched last March 16 and now with over 3,000 programmers in the league.

This pioneering programmer league aims to gather tech talents across  the country to test their coding acuity with the promise of thousands of prizes, hundreds of tech job opportunities, exclusive events, workshops and training, and nationwide media recognition. StackLeague is supported by some of the biggest tech companies in the country, such as Microsoft, AWS, Viber, Accenture and companies providing job opportunities such as JobStreet, Workbank and Kalibrr.

Be a participant

Test your knowledge in programming fundamentals and climb to the top levels through StackLeague. In this virtual arena, you bring only your programming knowledge and desire to sharpen your skills.

The tournament is open to any programming talent. Background and experience can vary, but coding ability and desire to be the nation’s best developer are the keys to StackLeague. Start your StackLeague journey now by signing up at 

The 1st Year-Round Competitive Programming League is now in the Philippines!

Perks and Prizes

StackLeague offers three (3) Challenger Levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The more challenges the participants conquer, the more points they accumulate and the higher their ranking rises. Each level opens  access to exclusive giveaways, bigger prizes, and  access to exclusive events.

At the end of the year, the Top 10 highest ranked participants will be crowned the country’s best developers with media recognition, awards and special prizes.

Tech and Career Sessions

Throughout the year, StackLeague with its partners hosts various tech sessions to advance participants skills on different technologies as well as career sessions to help advance contestant careers growth with expanded job opportunities. 

Powered by Advanced Talent Analytics

StackLeague is powered by proprietary talent analytics technology designed to evaluate 8 fundamental programming knowledge areas. The chosen fundamental knowledge areas being assessed are based on guidelines of ACM and the IEEE-CS. These two international organizations govern all degree programs related to computing, including but not limited to computer science, information technology, and software engineering. Their guidelines seek to be international in scope and offer curricular and pedagogical guidance applicable to a wide range of institutions. Assessment that meets these guidelines are expected to produce world-class developers in the software development field.

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