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Mobile Accessories Take Spotlight as Power Mac Center Debuts at Philippine Fashion Week 

The featured brands introduce into the local fashion scene its respective collections of audio products, laptop bags, phone cases and power banks that bring edge to the Holiday 2015 Collections of the following Filipino designers Arnold Galang (Happy Plugs Audio), Lyle Ibañez (Happy Plugs Cases), Anthony Nocom (Moshi), Boyet Dysangco (Case-Mate), Roland Alzate (Gosh!), Jeffrey Rogador (Knomo London), and Sydney Perez Pio (Beats by Dr. Dre). These style visionaries highlight the latest fashion trends and how they seamlessly work with fashion-forward accessories for the tech-savvy and style-conscious audiences.


Moshi and The Makings of a Modern, Fashionable Man 

Gone are the days when the language of fashion remained ambiguous at best for the male population. Forget distasteful, lackluster, uninspired—men have come to their own, sartorially speaking. The rise of the modern, style-conscious man is inspired by key influencers whose serious fashion sense is changing the game for a predominantly female industry.