Taipei, Taiwan—January 29, 2021—Synology Inc. today unveiled the next generation of RackStation units that support its highly successful backup, virtualization storage, surveillance, and remote work solutions. In a company first, it also announced the release of its HAT5300 series of high-performance enterprise hard drives specially engineered for Synology deployments.

New RackStation units for high-end storage

The 2U 12-bay RS3621RPxs and RS3621xs+, and the 3U 16-bay RS4021xs+ are designed for SMBs that require high-performance general-purpose storage. Synology’s newest devices provide a reliable platform for data-intensive applications such as large-scale backup, ISCSi SAN storage, on-premises collaboration solutions, and video surveillance deployments.

“These xs and xs+ series units are highly versatile, high-capacity units for SMBs and enterprise deployments,” said Julien Chen, Product Manager at Synology Inc. 

“Their built-in redundant power and Intel® Xeon® processors make them ideal for handling mission-critical data in applications such as large-scale video surveillance, business file servers, backup tasks, office productivity software suites, and as cost-effective virtualization storage,” Chen added.

Substantial increases in performance

All three units offer significant performance improvements compared with prior generation units. The RS3621RPxs delivers 68% higher random read IOPS than its predecessor, the RS3621xs+ 50% higher, and the RS4021xs+ 21% higher.

Synology Introduces New RackStation Series and HAT5300 Hard Drives

In addition, RS3621xs+ and RS4021xs+ each sport two built-in 10GbE ports to provide faster connectivity out of the box.

CPU6-core Intel® Xeon®8-core Intel® Xeon®8-core Intel® Xeon®
Memory8 GB ECC DDR4 — Upgradable to 64 GB8 GB ECC DDR4 — Upgradable to 64 GB16 GB ECC DDR4 — Upgradable to 64 GB
Form Factor2U2U3U
Drive Bays Internal / Max12 / 3612 / 3616 / 40
Random read IOPS233k288k289k
Random write IOPS117k135k146k
Network Interface4 x Gigabit RJ-452 x 10GbE RJ-45
4 x Gigabit RJ-45
2 x 10GbE RJ-45
4 x Gigabit RJ-45
PCIe Slots2 x Gen 3.0 8x slots for NICs / Synology M.2 add-in cards2 x Gen 3.0 8x slots for NICs / Synology M.2 add-in cards2 x Gen 3.0 8x slots for NICs / Synology M.2 add-in cards
Redundant Power SupplyYesYesYes
Warranty5-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty

Adjust for your specific needs

The new units’ two PCIe Gen 3.0 8x slots enable upgrades with compatible 10GbE NICs and/or NVMe SSD cache. The RS3621RPxs and RS3621xs+ can scale to 36 drive bays, and the RS4021xs+ to 40 drive bays using two RX1217(RP) expansion units and validated drives.

Synology Introduces New RackStation Series and HAT5300 Hard Drives

HAT5300 series HDD for Synology systems

Synology HAT5300 enterprise SATA hard drives come in 16 TB, 12 TB, and 8 TB models and are aimed at businesses that demand high-performance and maximum reliability from their Synology deployments. 

Extensive validation testing for HAT5300 series HDD ensures seamless interaction with Synology systems and DiskStation Manager. The drives are engineered to provide highly stable, high-capacity storage for Synology storage systems, with the added benefit of automatic firmware updates provided through DSM.

Drives for mission-critical deployments

“The HAT5300 enterprise hard drives are great for business-critical data that require capacity, reliability, and cost-effective performance,” said Peggy Weng, Product Manager at Synology Inc.

“During development we tested the three SKUs for more than 300,000 hours to ensure that they deliver absolute dependability for our customers,” Peggy Weng said. “We’ve created highly-optimized drives that our customers can rely on to work perfectly with our systems, and seamless DSM integration.”

Class-leading performance

HAT5300 drives deliver up to 274 MB/s sustained data transfer and with DSM-specific optimization, are up to 23% faster in sustained sequential read performance in demanding multi-user environments compared with other similar-class drives.

With automatic firmware updates through DSM, HAT5300 drives always benefit from the latest firmware enhancements while reducing the work needed by system administrators.

Backed by a 2.5 million hour MTTF rating, workload support of 550 TB per year, and persistent write cache technology to minimize data corruption in the event of sudden power loss, HAT5300 series drives are built to excel in 24/7 enterprise environments.

InterfaceSATA 3.5”SATA 3.5”SATA 3.5”
Capacity8 TB12 TB16 TB
Cache Buffer256 MiB256 MiB512 MiB
Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)2,500,000 hours2,500,000 hours2,500,000 hours
Max. Sustained Transfer Rate241 MB/s260 MB/s274 MB/s
Warranty5-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty

Solutions for business

Synology storage solutions enables you to protect Windows and Linux workstations and servers, file servers, and VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines with Active Backup for Business. You can also back up your Microsoft 365 with Active Backup for Microsoft 365 and your Google Workspace accounts with Active Backup for G Suite.

Deploy Surveillance Station on Synology NAS for video surveillance management, storage, and analysis. Protect your physical assets with support for up to 90 cameras using the RS3621xs+ and RS4021xs+ and up to 75 cameras with the RS3621RPxs.

Synology systems provide powerful, certified iSCSI storage for virtualization solutions such as VMware® vSphere™, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer™, and OpenStack Cinder.

Businesses worldwide leverage Synology NAS to boost their remote work efficiency, using Synology Drive to share and synchronize files across different sites and Synology Office to enable collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and slides in real time. Synology Chat provides a privately hosted secure messaging platform for teams. 

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