For at-home and working moms, who selflessly give everything they can to provide the best care for their families, being called losyang is certainly heartbreaking and disempowering. But for actress and mother of 3, Sunshine Cruz, the power of a WoMom can be reclaimed. They just need to find that perfect partner. 

“Kasama sa mga pinagdaanan ko talaga ang Silka. Yes, since 2013. That’s also the time that I got separated, and that was the time that I realized that, you know, I need to be independent. I am now a single working mom,” Sunshine opened up during the Walang Duda, Alagang Silka virtual event held last February 4.

Being a loyal user of Silka Papaya Soap and Silka Papaya Lotion for 8 years now, Sunshine has gained an immense amount of confidence. “When I used Silka noong 2013, a lot of people are telling me na, ‘Hoy parang mas nag-bloom ka! Bakit parang may ilaw kang dala lagi at nago-glow? And of course, I would share to my friends na it’s because of Silka.“

Withstanding the stress of juggling work and family time, Silka has definitely been her trusted beauty confidant. While proudly flaunting her youthful, smooth skin, Sunshine narrated, “Ang dami nga ring ngang taong nagsasabi na, ‘Sunshine naman! Maputi ka na! Hindi mo na kailangang mag-Silka! That is wrong. Absolutely not true. Hindi porket maputi ka na, hindi ka na gagamit ng Silka. Kasi for me, of course, I want to maintain my skin,” Sunshine said.

With the trust Sunshine has had with Silka built through the years, it has become inevitable for her to pass this to her daughter, Angelina, just like a treasured heirloom. And the younger Cruz has seen the results herself, as to how Silka has always been true to its thrust: alaga

“Ever since I was young, I see my mom use it too, and I guess that makes Silka no longer new to me. And as you can see, she has flawless skin that people would [be] mistake[n] na magkapatid kami,” Angelina said. “And of course, what she trusts, I trust as well. She’d give me beauty tips and I’d follow them because I want to have skin like hers when I’m her age,” she added.

As Silka celebrates its forthcoming 20th year, Sunshine and Angelina have been chosen to become the brand’s new faces. They are testaments as to how “Walang Duda, Alagang Silka” is manifested. Along with this milestone comes the opportunity of working with each other for the very first time.

“Nung TVC shoot namin hindi ko alam kung ako ba ay aarte o magiging stage mom lang talaga. It is a milestone for us sa aming mag-ina,” Sunshine proudly admitted. She, then, revealed, “Sa totoo lang noong una parang ninenerbyos ako. Kasi sabi ko nga papaano ito kasi maraming crying scenes si Angelina. Siyempre ginulat niya naman ako, kasi mas magaling pa siyang umiyak sa akin.”

But for Angelina, it was a great opportunity to be mentored by her mom. “Knowing that it’s my first TVC, I’m thankful na I get to experience it with my mom as well because she’d be able to give me mga advise because of course, she’s such a pro in acting,” the younger Cruz said.

Sunshine and Angelina’s relationship as mother and daughter is grounded on friendship, which for them has been an essential foundation. They are each other’s safe spaces to which they can cry their hearts out and just be genuine with their thoughts and words. “Lagi ko namang sinasabi sa kanila na, you know that your mom what’s best for you. And it’s better na if you have anything, worry or problem, itrato ninyo ako bilang kaibigan. At of course yung advice ko sa inyo will be what’s best for you,” Sunshine shared. “Mas maganda na maramdaman nila na yung safest space nila is nasa akin, sa mommy nila,” she added.

Moreover, they saw each other as women, who may be coming from different generations, but are sources of wisdom about life, love, and womanhood. “An advice she’s given me is to always love myself. To always know my worth as a person and as a woman. Ang babae laging may halaga and we should never lose our self and our value,” Angelina revealed.

Just like Sunshine and Angelina’s relationship, Silka’s relationship with Filipinos is truly unbreakable. Looking back at their almost 20-year journey, Janssen Co (Chief Operating Officer) and Jane Co (VP for Marketing) of Cosmetique Asia Corporation, assure that they will never lose sight in creating products that will unleash the best in every Filipino. And this commitment shall be upheld as they venture on to achieving more milestones. “And we’re far from done. There’s much more we have in store that will hopefully continue to delight Filipino consumers giving alaga to their daily lives,” Co said.

By sticking to its core value, alaga, Silka was able to sustain Filipinos’ trust for 20 years. And as it looks forward to more decades of success, it aims to pass it on for next-gen users. “We want more people to experience the kind of alaga we are experiencing with Silka. Our dream is for Alagang Silka to be passed on to generations,” said Eunice de belen, Silka’s Senior Brand Manager.
After all, for Silka, walang duda,alaga is a legacy.

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