Getting immersed in a song is part of appreciating music. Music has the power to transport you to places, trigger memories and emotions with each tune. High-quality audio pushes sound to a whole other level, one where the experience evolves from “listening” to “feeling”.

Sony Philippines unveiled its latest line-up of high-resolution audio products. Guests are treated to a first look at the MDR-Z1R Hi-Res Audio stereo headphones best paired with the NW-WM1A, Walkman® Hi-Res Audio player. Sony likewise introduces its industry-leading, noise-canceling MDR-1000X wireless headphones, along with the debut of the Walkman® NW-A30 series.


MDR-Z1R headphones feature Sony’s engineering excellence in audio, made for the ultimate sound experience.

“This year marks Sony’s 70th anniversary and we are bringing the Signature Series to the Philippines with unparalleled excellence that the brand’s heritage is known for. We believe in providing the ultimate sound experience to our customers and with our new line of high-resolution products, we are making it more possible and accessible to our audience,” said Mr. Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.


Dubbed “One Signature Sound”, the event highlights the superior audio quality that Sony delivers through its innovative products, which allows users to listen to music as the artists intended. One of the key highlights of the event, aside from the reveal of the newest offerings, is a mini hi-res clinic by Sony Hi-Res Audio influencer and renowned local audiophile Juno Oebanda, who talked about his impressions of the line.

“Hi-Res Audio is alien to a lot of people, but Sony is making it accessible and fun to listen to. The game now is tough, but the Z1R is groundbreaking in terms of design and performance while the 1000X has fantastic features. Sony makes sure their products can really add value and compete well in the market,” shared Oebanda.


The MDR-Z1R is exclusively engineered using premium materials and handcrafted by artisans for the ultimate sound experience. The headphones have a wide frequency range that allows up to 120 kHz playback in High Resolution Audio with a 70 mm HD driver. A new Fibonacci-patterned grill ensures minimal sound coloration and faithful reproduction of High Resolution Audio sources. NW-WM1A Walkman® promises a superb listening experience as a digital music player that can support any music file with pure, precise, and balanced sound. The models are also carefully designed with sleek finishes and wireless features of Bluetooth® and LDAC™.

“The MDR-Z1R headphones and NW-WM1A Walkman give attention to detail and design that showcase the quality materials for the finest sound. Our MDR-1000X headphones is a game-changer in noise-cancelling, wireless technology with the trademarked SENSE ENGINE feature that boosts the user’s listening experience. The Walkman NW-A30 series adds fun colors and personality to the series,” shared Cel Anolin, Product Marketing Officer, Sony Philippines.

nw-a30NW-WM1A Walkman

Ushering in the industry-leading noise cancellation is the MDR-1000X wireless headphones. This pair of premium headphones is pegged as the most responsive in cancellation of ambient sound, along with a ‘Personal NC Optimizer function’ that tailors the noise cancellation to your own listening experience. ‘Quick Attention’ mode enables you to place the palm of your hand to the outside of the headphone ear cup to have a conversation with someone, without taking the headset off through the revolutionary SENSE ENGINETM technology.

mdr-1000x_insituation_black-largeMDR-1000X headphones

For more fashionable and stylish high-resolution options, the debuting Walkman® NW-A30 series features vibrant designs that suits any person’s lifestyle. These come in a variety of exciting colors: Charcoal Black, Viridian Blue, Bordeaux Pink, Cinnabar Red, and Lime Yellow. The compact, lightweight device has an intuitive interface, immaculate audio clarity, quality wireless playback and an optimized battery life that lasts up to 45 hours (MP3) or 30 hours (Hi-Res Audio). The A35 contains 16 GB of storage while the A36HN has 32 GB. Both models have expandable memory.

nw-wm1aWalkman® NW-A30

All these newly-released Sony Hi-Res Audio products will be available in Sony Centers, Egghead, and authorized dealers nationwide starting November 1, 2016. Visit for more inquiries. Follow us on Facebook (Sony Philippines), Instagram and Twitter (@SonyPHinc).

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