Smartphones have become an inseparable part of people’s daily life. From a simple device that connects one person to another, it now takes part in scheduling and tracking appointments, providing GPS locations, playing music, taking pictures, purchasing groceries, or putting information at users’ fingertips.

As one of the leading innovators in the world, Samsung shares ways to get the most out of smartphones, tablets, and accessories even while at home.

Tools for Entertainment

Maximize smartphones and tablets at home when viewing and playing. The Galaxy A71 and S20 Series are built with displays that deliver an uninterrupted streaming and gaming experience. The devices also have an all-day battery that allows users to watch and play for longer hours.

Those who prefer bigger screens can use the Galaxy Tabs. They can also pair any of the mentioned devices with the new Galaxy Buds+ that provides immersive, rich, and realistic sound, making them feel like they are part of the show or gameplay.

Wellness Drivers

Get inspired to be physically healthy at home by watching workout videos. Use smartphones and earbuds when joining virtual fitness classes to stay in shape.

Galaxy devices also have a built-in Samsung Health app that tracks users’ recent workouts, food and water intake, weight, and sleeping habits. Samsung has fitness accessories such as Galaxy Fit and Watch Active2 to help users stay connected with a health partner. These devices provide precise information on users’ health and remind them what they need to know when they need it.

Sources of Learning

Children can learn from home through educational games found on tablets. They can play at home while sharpening their minds. The Galaxy Tabs has the Samsung Kids+ application that has a library of fun activities, books, and education videos.

For grown-ups, read e-books and pertinent information from online news sites using the Galaxy Tabs where news and lifestyle applications are available.

Productivity Enablers

If computers are not available, use smartphones instead. The Galaxy Note10 Series is powered with Microsoft so users can utilize Word, Excel, and Powerpoint when needed. It also has an intuitive S-Pen that allows them to easily jot down notes.

Smartphones and tablets, together with their accompanying accessories, have reshaped the way we communicate with our friends, family, and relatives as these increase users’ efficiency, inspire creativity, and simply bring joy to the family.

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