Royu Electrical positions itself as the trusted partner in all things electrical. For close to two decades, Royu continues to offer safe, quality, and affordable electrical products for Filipinos be for residential, office or commercial use.

Established in 2002, Royu Electrical initially introduced its switches and outlets product line, and through the years expanded its portfolio to cater to a wider range of electrical products, making it a reliable partner for electricians. Consistently, the Brand has worked side-by-side with its partners, stakeholders, and consumers to offer the best electrical support and service they deserve.

“Royu Electrical is lauded as one of the trusted partners within the electrical category, and one of the flagship brands under the Firefly Electric Lighting Corporation (FELCO) portfolio. Our vast range of affordable products are positioned to help our customers save without compromising on the quality and utility. No one understands electricals the way we do,” said Eva Dy, Category Manager for Electrical at FELCO.

Royu Electrical Products

Royu Electrical offers a wide range of electrical products such as:

  1. Switches and outlets that support stylish designs, made of polycarbonate material, flame retardant, and do not easily fade.
  2. Extension cords that are designed to protect users against overload and surge, and with safety shutters.
  3. Electrical accessories such as plugs and adapters that fit the consumers’ particular needs for their appliances.
  4. Wires and cables that are 100% lead-free, made from virgin of copper material so it is highly conductive, and are flame retardant. 
  5. Circuit breakers that are made with better heating dissipation to avoid irregular temperature rise and stable terminal contact to prevent loose connection.
  6. Electric panels that are made with metal base to ensure durability and has long lasting finish

Where applicable, all Royu products have passed the Bureau of Philippine Standards tests, making them safe to use, and giving users peace of mind.

As a further testament to the Company’s commitment to quality Royu has its own in-house technical team that constantly conducts rigorous and thorough product tests to ensure that all of its products are safe, reliable, and of quality before they are submitted to DTI for actual testing.

Being a brand that takes pride in having extensive product offerings, Royu Electrical products are the perfect choice for customers looking at renovating their homes or office spaces. Royu products are affordable, readily available, user-friendly, and of quality. With these, electricians and home-makers alike can trust in Royu.

“Our Filipino customers are given a wide array of products to answer their growing electrical needs. Each Royu product carries with it our commitment to quality and safety. Our customers can be assured that they get the best value for their money with our Royu products,” added Dy.

Accessible Everywhere

Available across the country, consumers can easily purchase Royu products in leading hardware and electrical stores, DIYs and Depots.

Customers may also order online via the FELCO corporate store, Learnmore about Royu by visiting or

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