Manila, Philippines, 13 July 2021 โ€“ Finding the right electrical products to purchase when you renovate your office or build a new home can be challenging. Oftentimes, consumers rely on contractors because of their knowledge and expertise. However, knowing which brand to choose gives you advantage as well as ease of mind. 

Royu Electrical understands the challenges that you have if you are not familiar with the products or knowledgeable with the suppliers where your products are being sourced from. To help out, they are sharing some useful tips to consider when choosing the right electrical products to buy. 

  1. Seek for Value for Money, Not Just Affordability  

The cheapest option is not always necessarily the best deal. Consumers need to balance the quality of products, service delivered by the brand and its credibility, and the price and cost of maintenance. 

It is recommended that consumers look for brands whose products have been tested and have passed official standards to not only ensure quality but more importantly the safety of products once in use. 

  1. Choose a Brand that Offers a Wide Range of Products

Since it may be both time consuming and a hassle to keep purchasing from different suppliers at a time, it is advisable to choose an electrical brand that offers a wide range of products so you only deal with one supplier for all things electrical. 

Some of the things that make it more ideal to be working and purchasing from just one electrical supplier is that costs are reduced when you place orders in bulk, saves you time, and gives you guaranteed quality knowing it came from one supplier. If an emergency comes up on a job site or your home, a local supplier can usually provide an immediate solution and supply you with the products that you need. 

  1. Balancing Function and Design in Electrical Products

Most may not realize that good design is achieved through innovation and in complement to how a product works. Electrical products are not often packaged in a sleek, modern, and attractive design. Most of the time, electrical brands available today focus on the function and power more than the looks. 

It is important to find an electrical brand that can provide both function and design and understands how to balance these elements for a more compelling product. Both come hand in hand to ensure the overall safety and enhanced experience for the consumers. 

  1. Accessibility is Necessary

There is no point if your electrical products, while may be beautifully designed, are difficult to purchase due to the limited stores they are available in. What consumers need to consider is the accessibility and availability of key electrical products to make their lives easier at any given day. 

When something happens, for example, your home experiences light switches that end up not working properly or even circuit breakers overloading for some reason, you can easily purchase a replacement because your brand of choice is easily available. 

It is a good thing that Royu Electrical offers value for money products that consumers seek. For example, Royu provides affordable yet quality products versus some competitors. Each product goes through thorough research and rigorous testing to ensure high-level quality. Royu products, in fact, are approved by the Bureau of Philippine Standards certifying that electrical and wiring devices are safe to use.   

Royu also provides the widest range of products in the market from wires to cables, switches and outlets, circuit breakers, down to plugs and adapters all within accessible means. Royu Electrical products are available in more than 8,000 community hardware stores, and are easily accessible through so you can conveniently order your electrical products when you need it. 

โ€œRoyu Electrical aims to become the trusted electrical partner of every Filipino, so we ensure that our products answer the demands of our customers across the Philippines. We do not compromise on the quality, functionality, and design of our electrical products to ensure that we provide what our customers need,โ€ said Eva Dy, Royu Electrical Category Manager.ย 

Easily order online via with easy payment methods via Dragonpay or PayMaya. Learn more about Royu by visiting

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