In a recent report published by, it was discovered that there is a rise in data and engineering jobs as the Internet of Things (IoT) takes off.

โ€œThingsโ€, in IoT, refers to different internet-enabled devices, such as biochip transponders for pets and farm animals, pacemaker monitoring implants, self-driving automobiles, field operation devices similar to drones used for fire-fighting, or unmanned aircraft for surveying wildlife reserves. Current examples include smart home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and thermostats that respond to smartphone commands. The need for these devices has caused a growth in newer, better ideas for connecting more home and office devices to smartphones.

As many employers drum up IoT innovations, the demand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-related skills and specialties has reached new heights. Due to this development, the industry now faces a shortage of experts across the developed world and has started calling upon freelancers to cover the bases.

Inline with this, Talino Talks presents R(IoT): A Rundown on the Internet of Things — a talk on everything there is to know about the Internet of Things.

R(IOT) A Rundown on the Internet of Things

With our speakers, Nikko Torcita of Awesomelabs, Ely Apao & Michael Albano of Jumpsparc, and Josh de la Llana of Tactiles, below are just some of the topics they will be discussing:

  • Evolution of the Internet
  • Existing IoT applications
  • How can I start working on IoT from hobbyist to web developer
  • User and Maker experiences
  • Trends in hardware
  • Live Demonstrations

Join us on November 26 (Wednesday) and see how you can be part of this growing industry.

About the Speakers:

Niko Torcita

A passionate engineer with extensive skill set in areas of software applications, OS driver development, embedded systems including both firmware and hardware design and solar technology. Able to craft ideas ranging from very low level embedded design to software applications for mobile devices. Loves building stuff that brings technology closer to people in a more tangible and interactive way.

Ely Apao

Currently the UX Manager for Founder of UX Philippines & core organizer for the Philippine Web Designers Org. JumpSparc founder

Michael Albano

Over 11 years experience in Software/ Firmware; Reverse engineered a smart card OS in 2 weeks with no prev experience. JumpSparc Founder.

Seminar Fee:

The fee is only 250 pesos. Fee goes to our pizza and drinks.

Alternative Payment Options:

If you do not have Paypal or Credit Card, you can also pay via:

CASH DEPOSIT : If selecting this option, please deposit your payment of PHP 250.00 to UNION BANK under the account name of Jorge C. Azurin with account number: 109 452 209 584. Please dont forget to bring the deposit slip / receipt on the event proper.

ON-SITE PAYMENT: If selecting this option, registration fee is PHP 300.00 for the reservation of the seat.