The healthcare industry by its nature requires the latest systems to maximize efficiency and promote patient welfare. An often over looked function is that provided by porters or nurses’ aides who ferry patients, equipment, records and the like all over the hospital premises 24 hours a day. Even the best hospitals have encountered scenarios that leave patients waiting at an inordinate amount of time for transfer from room to diagnostic sections and back. This also happens to equipment and supplies transfer.

A new huge hospital complex can also be tricky to navigate with porters getting lost, sometimes with patients and equipment in tow. The same problem exists for newly hired porters.

This is where PORTZO – PORTER Management Solution comes in. Developed by ICEGEN Computing Inc. and locally distributed and implemented by RADENTA, “PORTZO” has shown to increase porter efficiency by 70 per cent and the time taken by nurses decreased dramatically from 40 minutes to just 7 minutes.

This unique and innovative system works using the Icegen software. Each porter is issued a specially designed Wifi badge that transmits a unique ID number correlated with his ID in the Icegen software. If a nurse requires a porter, she clicks on PORTZO installed on her desktop computer, mobile phone or on a smart watch, presses a prompt to make her request and selects the type of task that she requires, such as moving a patient or trolley, along with the destination. It is like having a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) within the hospital. In addition, the nurse can opt to make the call urgent, by selecting that prompt in the software.

PORTZO receives the request along with the nurse’s desktop-based location, and then assigns the closest porter automatically. The system searches for porters within the nurse’s vicinity, based on the transmission of those individuals’ badges, and screens out those already responding to an order. The software selects the proper recipient and the superintendent can also view that assignment in real time, prompting the system to transmit a message to that porter’s badge, indicating the request.

The porter then presses the blue button on the specially designed tag to acknowledge receipt. If he does not acknowledge the request, the porter supervisor is alerted. The porter can be tacked to check if he is moving to the right destination. The real-time location of the porter can be viewed with the position of the porter shown in the map included in the software.

Upon delivering the person or item to the desired destination, the porter presses the red button on the badge, thereby indicating that the request has been fulfilled. If the task is not completed within the expected amount of time, an alert can be issued to the supervisor. Once the porter has pressed the red button, the software updates his status as available for more orders and gets the closest task to him automatically.

Different types of reports can be generated like the number of requests handled by a porter under different categories, the number of requests handled by every individual porter in a day, time-wise and the time taken in minutes by a porter to complete a task. Reports can be generated at end of day.

PORTZO is easy to use by both technical and non-technical personnel. It can be modified to suit the requirements of any hospital or healthcare facility. It has been in use by 70 leading hospitals in 9 countries benefitting more than 2 million patients.

70 PORTZO HAS received awards for best innovative product in healthcare like the Gold Award at the Hospital Management Asia Awards 2018; Intelligent Enterprise Awards for Quick ROI; NASSCOM Healthcare Transformation Award; and Medical Best Healthcare Innovation Award.

According to ICEGEN Consulting CEO Anand Surana, “The same way that UBER and GRAB have changed the rules of the game in transport, PORTZO is changing the rules of the game inside hospitals. Patients now receive prompt and better medical care and healthcare facilities see improved efficiency. This is the result of achieving the right balance of Artificial Intelligence and human intervention.

To know more about PORTZO, get in touch with Radenta at (02) 535-7801, 0917 543 4765,, or

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