Don’t want to use your credit card online? Don’t have a credit card at all? Then get the PayMaya Virtual Credit Card. Use it for online transactions, like paying your bills and buying items online. Getting one is easier than applying for a credit card.

PayMaya, PayMaya with Beep, PayMaya GCash

Here’s how to get one

Download the PayMaya app (available in iOS and Android) and launch it on your mobile device. Sign-up with your mobile number and the you automatically get a virtual credit card number. The app also gives users a virtual credit card with a CVV (Card Verification Value) and an expiration date.  This virtual credit card will have the user’s name and physical address just like a regular credit card.

You can use your PayMaya Virtual Credit Card

  • as the go to credit card for subscriptions like Spotify, HOOQ, Neflix, iFlix
  • for game time subscriptions (e.i. World of WarCraft) and Steam game purchases
  • to make domain name and hosting monthly payments, and any other subscriptions that you need to pay for every month

If the merchant can accept a Visa card, then it can accept PayMaya virtual cards. It can even be linked to a PayPal account. This last item is something Freelancers need.

PayMaya is telco agnostic, so it doesn’t matter which telco SIM is used.

Activating PayMaya using a feature phone is possible but requires the PayMaya physical card which can be bought separately.

PayMaya, PayMaya with Beep, PayMaya GCash

Load up at any PayMaya load up center: Robinson’s Department Stores, SM Business Centers, 7-eleven stores with Cliqq kiosks, BDO online and mobile banking and on Smart Padala Centers.


  • Downloading the app is FREE. Users get a virtual credit card number with a CVV and expiration date attached to their name and mailing address.
  • Physical PayMaya card can be bought for as low as P70.
  • PayMaya charges P15 for every P1000 load-up on any PayMaya load up center.
  • 0.5% charge for Smart Money to PayMaya transactions.


Every time the PayMaya virtual card is used, the user receives an SMS message with the transaction details. It will also have the remaining balance on your PayMaya account. Users will always know what they are charged for.

PayMaya Notifications


Load your Smart Prepaid SIM

Smart Prepaid users can load up using the PayMaya app and get 8% off for their load purchase.  Choose from basic eLoad or Call and Text packages.

Bangko Central regulated, powered by Visa

PayMaya is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, meaning all requirements needed to make sure that financial laws and regulations are followed have been approved by the BSP. PayMaya is powered by Visa and is accepted by any merchant that processes Visa payments.

Interoperability with GCash

PayMaya announced last February, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that interoperability testing with Globe GCash is underway.  With a target date of Q3 2016, PayMaya reports that the testing has been successful with 30 whitelisted accounts.

UPDATE: T4 Gadget Show episode on PayMaya

The T4 Gadget Show featured PayMaya and invited their key people to walk audiences through the conveniences of getting the PayMaya virtual credit card as well as the physical card. You can watch the full episode below.

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