ASUS today announced the local availability of VivoWatch, the first ASUS wearable designed with a focus on fitness and wellness. With built-in heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and the easy-to-understand Happiness Index that shows overall well-being, ASUS VivoWatch is a constant companion that helps wearers lead healthier, happier lives.

ASUS VivoWatch, ASUS VivoWatch Price

Designed to be worn all day, every day, ASUS VivoWatch has an elegant design, 10-day battery life, and an IP67 water-resistant watch case suitable for wearing in the shower. ASUS VivoWatch works together with the accompanying ASUS HiVivo smartphone app and ASUS Healthcare website to help wearers accomplish their personal fitness goals and take care of family members and friends who wear ASUS VivoWatch as well.

“ASUS is committed to innovation and is always at the forefront of industry trends, allowing us to create products that shape the future and make it better,” said Joe Hsieh, ASUS Corporate Vice President and General Manager. “ASUS VivoWatch is our first exciting step into a world where users can access their fitness and wellness data at any time, and receive individually-tailored insights into healthier living. In the near future, we will provide even more solutions that will change usersโ€™ conception of what fitness and wellness products can do.”

ASUS VivoWatch, ASUS VivoWatch Price

Continuous heart rate monitoring

ASUS VivoWatch features exclusive VivoPulse technology, which uses the built-in optical sensor to continuously, accurately, and safely monitor the wearer’s heart rate without an uncomfortable chest strap. With its precise heart rate measurements together with additional data such as the wearer’s gender and age, ASUS VivoWatch helps the wearer exercise at the right intensity for building cardiovascular health.

During exercise, ASUS VivoWatch provides instant and continuous feedback about the effectiveness of the wearer’s workout via an easy-to-read LED indicator. When the wearer reaches their aerobic heart rate zone โ€” the beneficial level of cardiovascular exercise that effectively burns calories, strengthens the heart, and increases stamina โ€” the LED indicator turns green to let them know they are working out at the right intensity. If the level of intensity is too high, causing the wearer’s heart rate to rise to the limit, the LED indicator turns red to warn them of over-exertion.

Activity and sleep tracking

VivoPulse technology also enables ASUS VivoWatch to precisely measure the number of calories the wearer burns each day by continuously measuring the wearerโ€™s heart rate. While the wearer is asleep at night, ASUS VivoWatch measures their total sleep time, heart rate, and amount of motion. In the morning, the wearer can see how long they slept the previous night and how much of it was Comfort Sleep โ€” a measurement of the most restful and rejuvenating sleep that is exclusive to ASUS VivoWatch. Wearers can use this sleep quality information as a guide to adjust their habits and get the rest they need to feel their best.

ASUS VivoWatch, ASUS VivoWatch Price

An intuitive look at overall wellness

ASUS VivoWatch features a unique wellness indicator called the Happiness Index (HI). This simple numeric score, based on the wearer’s activity level and sleep quality, provides a quick, easy-to-understand summary of the overall healthiness of their lifestyle. A low score lets the wearer know that they should adjust their exercise and sleep habits to achieve optimal health, while a normal or high score provides motivation to maintain their healthy lifestyle and even try to earn a higher score.

Tools for personal and family care

ASUS VivoWatch easily synchronizes with the ASUS HiVivo smartphone app or ASUS Healthcare website, letting wearers see their full exercise history, sleep quality analysis, and progress towards fitness goals in detail. Wearers can also stay up-to-date with the wellbeing of family members or friends who wear ASUS VivoWatch, no matter where they live. By viewing Happiness Index scores, wearers can take an active role in the health of their loved ones and give them feedback as motivation to pursue healthy goals.

The ASUS VivoWatch is now available in the Philippines for SRP Php6,990.00 at Octagon Computer Superstore branches nationwide.

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