Sometimes, the gadgets we want are the gadget we actually need – if only we could buy them at low prices and if someone walked us through those items. That’s what Shopee Gaget Zone and SwirlingOverCoffee are for, respectively. Here are our five picks for the millennial, the worker, and the gamer among us.

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Number 1: Pictar Mark II Smartphone Camera Grip

We love this – an iOS and Android compatible camera grip. If you’ve ever dropped your phone, wish you weren’t so clumsy, and wanted a way to do one-hand shooting (in case your other hand was holding your bag or a baby), then this one’s for you. It’s coated with some anti-slip material and has a wrist strap for added no-drop security.

How do you take a picture? By downloading and using the Pictar app, which “connects” with your smartphone via high-frequency sounds (meaning it doesn’t connect by wire and so doesn’t drain battery power from your phone). The Pictar Mark II’s shutter is where your index finger would be when the device is connected to your phone and you’re holding the grip part: half-press to lock exposure, full-press to take a pic, and the rotating zoom ring lets you do one-handed zooming in and out. You can click on the zoom ring to switch between rear and selfie cameras. Lots of other features but instead of a touchscreen you have physical buttons and dials. There’s a tripod mount underneath and a cold shoe up top for attaching accessories like lighting or a mic.

Check out the Pictar One Plus Mark II here.

Number 2: WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

We’ve all had a moment in our lives when our backups got wiped – the computer’s hard disk died, our thumbrive got lost, our external (repurposed dead laptop hard drive) drive suddenly failed. So why not invest in a big capacity hard disk from a trusted brand?

The WD Elements 1TB is USB 3.0-ready, so you get fast reads and writes – that means you can both move files to and from the external hard drive to your computer very fast. And 1TB is a lot of space for your watch and watch again movies. Note that this hard drive is formatted for Windows machines (NTFS), so you’ll need to reformat it for Mac OS X.

Check out the WD Elements 1TB here.

Number 3: Zeus Mk-880 Professional Gaming Mechanical Aluminum Keyboard

If you’re the type who does most of your work “stapled” (at home or at an office), you need good tactile feedback for long typing sessions, you want backlit keys for working at night, you play PC games, you need a number pad for precise input of figures, and you keep glancing at your phone, then this one’s for you. It’s designed to be abused, whether it’s from lots of work or long hours of gaming. And we love the phone cradle.

Check out the Zeus Professional Mechanical Aluminum Keyboard here.

Number 4: Bavin 5.4A 6 USB Charger HUB with 3 Power Socket

This has 6 USB ports that offer consistent (up to 5.4A) charging for 6 plugged in devices simultaneously (that’s very fast charging), and on top of that offers 3 outlets with surge protection. It’s compact, has a sleek design, and it’s very hard to find fault with it. Admit it, you sometimes lose your chargers (and can’t be bothered to find them) and when your friends come over (they forget theirs and need yours). For the family setting, the Bavin USB charger hub effectively ends problems and brings peace at home: because everyone can charge their mobile devices at the same time. There are no cons here, only pros.

Check out the Bavin 5.4A 6 USB Charger Hub here.

Number 5: JBL Clip 2

Like we wrote elsewhere: “The JBL Clip 2 is your clip-on-to-anything (via a built-in carabiner), bring anywhere, pocketable, water-submersible, 8-hour playtime, wireless speaker with an echo and noise-cancelling speaker phone feature. Comes in black, blue, grey, red, and teal.”

As a friend who was planning an out of town said, “Most Bluetooth speakers on the cheap are fugly, die in few hours, sound bad, can’t survive falling out of your bag, meets certain death in a pool or a puddle, and don’t mesh well with what you’re wearing.” Enter the JBL Clip 2. Looks great, clips on to your clothes or bag or shower hook, comes in the color you can live with and be proud to be seen with, and, get this, has a speaker phone function with noise cancellation in case a work-related call comes in while you’re streaming music.

Here’s a bonus: the JBL Clip 2 lets you wirelessly connect two Clip 2 speakers together for an amplified sound experience. Check out the JBL Clip 2 here.

And that’s it. These are our 5 picks. Check out Shopee Gadget Zone, your go-to online gadget destination. Or head over to the Shopee website. Also, download the Shopee app for iOS and Android.

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