Filipino mobile phone brand MyPhone, steps up the game for the mobile devices industry as they introduced their move towards being a Multimedia company, providing contents and services using their devices as a new platform. Rather than emphasizing new models they’ll be releasing for the last quarter of the year, the launch was more of showing the contents or DNA of the phones.

In their launch tagged as “Transcendence: Rising beyond limits” MyPhone shared how its units will become revolutionary platforms for information, multimedia contents, and relevant advertisements.

MyPhone is now a multimedia company

With their newest software and innovations embedded in its phones, MyPhone sees creating and distributing contents to its subscribers as the next step for the company.

Providing services that will uplift the lives of the common Filipinos is another bullet in this list.

Starting with the integration of Digital TV in all of its android devices, MyPhone serves now as an equalizer to the market, giving 85% of the Filipino market relevant contents in their handsets. This step to digital broadcast will pave way not only to more free-to-air channels, but also to other free contests such as e-magazines, e-newsletters, audio streaming, image and video clips, and many more. These contents are only enjoyed by some nowadays via data or Wi-Fi connection.

Hardware and HEARTWARE

MyPhone will also be introducing other applications pre-embedded in their phones that may deem necessary for everyday lives.

Filipinos are known suckers for bargain. Who wouldn’t love to see a list of discounted products from food, home essentials, branded clothes, airline tickets, and many more! MyCrazySale app gives you all of these in just one click. Enjoy browsing through bargains available in stores near your area.

MyPhone is now a multimedia company

There will be an application that serves as electronic classified ads, showing available jobs to those seeking. The MyTrabaho app will show you daily updated available jobs. Whether you are looking for just a part-time gig, or a full-time job, MyTrabaho app will provide you that.

If you are just looking around for items to add up to your collection, MyRarities is the app to check out. MyRarities is a C2C business model application that lets users buy and sell their rare find items such as toys, limited edition watches, , and the likes.

Also embedded in the latest MyPhone units is ABS-CBN’s NoInk app. NoInk is a digital reading platform that offers the most up-to-date multimedia articles and features about Filipino Pop Culture, Fashion and Beauty, Food, Celebrity Lifestyle, and many more for FREE. You can also purchase best-selling books and magazines from Philippine authors and publishers.

MyPhone is now a multimedia company

Above, left to right:: MK Woo – Overseas Sales Director of Super D, Mark Yambot – Managing Director of ABS-CBN Publishing, Mazhar Durrani – CEO of Virtalus with MyPhone CEO David Sen Lim, and Vice President Kevin Michael Tan.

AGILA Rewards

MyPhone announced the release of the AGILA, the first ever lock screen advertising application that allows brands and businesses to set up advertisements on this new platform and at the same time rewards its users with prizes. What’s exciting about AGILA is that it is available to all Android phone users.

This new digital platform will change the way how businesses can interact with their consumers. The AGILA offers lock screen advertising, where an advertisement will appear every time the user opens his/her phone, and branded and offline games. Users can win prizes from their favorite brands when they view ads or play the games that come with the ads.

This rewards app does not only aim to promote sponsors, but also to thank users for patronizing them and making them top brands. More than a gimmick, AGILA is an instrument to give back to the Filipino consumers.

MyPhone is now a multimedia company

There will be three different raffles: daily, weekly, and the grand raffle where users can win watches, MyPhone units, and up to 2 million pesos in cash. To join, just simply download the AGILA app to your phone, register via Facebook, and start interacting with the ads that appear on your phone’s lock screen. Swiping an ad to the right will skip the ad and give the user 1 raffle entry. Swiping the ad to the left will let the user view the details of the ad, play a game, and view news and alerts, which gives the user 5 raffle entries. If users share an advertisement on their social media accounts, they will earn 20 raffle entries. The more entries you have, the more chances of winning.


MyPhone continuously build its partnership with different local abd global brands for the creation not only of its hardware, but also of its contents.

Collaboration with software designers, hardware, and software developers around the globe is one of MyPhone’s ways of improving its products. Partnering with top brands lets MyPhone get the best quality and most affordable parts of its phones and services. Among MyPhone’s hardware partners are Mediatek, Spreadtrum, Socionext, FCI, RaonTech, Super D, Samsung, and Sony, among others. Supporting their software on the other hand are MyCH Tech, Creative Hot House, SMART, and ABS-CBN.


Above, left to right: MyPhone Multimedia Team: Patrick Cabusay, Love Villanueva, Inyi Yruma,-and-David Sen Lim.

After the success of MyPhone UNO, an Android One device, MyPhone will now release an all-Google Certified line-up. Collaborating with the Android provider will benefit its users with more optimized device performance – a more seamless hardware and software integration.

All these contents and services can be accessed soon in all of the MyPhone android devices. For the last hooray for 2016, MyPhone will be releasing 16 new affordable android models that are all priced below Php 5, 000.

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