Pasalubong ni Itay, ligaya ni bunso.

Mister Donut’s latest TVC celebrates the bond between father and son, of the parent’s joy at bringing home pasalubong for the bunso he dotes on.

Such moments Mister Donut describes as “punung-puno ng filling”, just like the familiar all-time best seller Classic Bavarian Donut. When we see the bunso trying to set aside the pasalubong, we also see the father secretly watching his child, who cannot resist Mister Donut. Life is lived one moment at a time. The more moments like this one, the happier.

Mister Donut, Bavarian Filled, Filled Twist, XL Rolls

Mister Donut’s Bavarian Donut now has 24% more filling, and their newest additions, the Filled Twist and XL Rolls, are just as irresistible.

Real-life father and son tandem on screen to celebrate a family bonding moment.

The Bavarian Donuts, Filled Twist, and XL Rolls are now available at the nearest Mister Donut shop. Enjoy them with your child, parent, or siblings for family moments “na puno ng fillings”.

Mister Donut, Bavarian Filled, Filled Twist, XL Rolls

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