Need a pick me up? Try Energy Donuts – caffeine-boosted donuts from Mister Donut sold exclusively at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Filipinos are hard workers. Breadwinners sacrifice their free time for overtime. Students forego sleep to meet school work deadlines. We need a pick me up to keep us going – coffee, sugar, a chocolate bar. Mister Donut and 7-Eleven have come up with the pick me up our busy lives need – Energy Donuts.

Energy Donuts combine the kick-start of a caffeinated drink and the satisfying indulgence of a chocolate donut. Created with Nescafé Premium Roast coffee, Energy Donuts will be the delight of those who work in the office – whether night or day or double-shifts – and of students who aim to meet their school requirements.

Energy Donuts, Julio Sulit, Diane Lo

L-R: Juli Sulit (Asst. Brand Manager, Key Accounts and Special Projects, Mister Donut) and Diane Lo (Category Manager, 7-Eleven).

Energy Donuts, available nationwide at all 7-Eleven branches, come in two varieties – Energy-Bav and Energy-Shots.

Energy Donuts, 7-Eleven, Mister Donut

The Energy-Bav (above right) are queen-sized donuts filled with Coffee-Fudge Bavarian infused with just the right mix of sugar and Nescafé Premium Roast; these will dispel your fatigue in the morning, right after lunch, at night, or at any time of the day. The Energy-Shot (above left) are miniature donuts fully coated with Nescafé Premium Roast and filled with Mister Donut’s Coffee Bavarian – these let you recharge on the go, for the quick eats that give you the boost you need any time.

Energy Donuts, Mister Donut, 7-Eleven

You can consume Energy Donuts up to four days when kept refrigerated. Or, up to 48 hours when not refrigerated but stored in a cool, dry place.

Energy Donuts, Mister Donut, 7-Eleven

So head over to the nearest 7-Eleven to grab Mister Donut’s energy-giving treats – Energy Donuts. For more info on these delightful caffeinated donuts, visit Mister Donut on Facebook.

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