NVIDIA has announced that the PC version of the DEATH STRANDING, due out on July 14, 2020, will feature NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology. DLSS 2.0 will give the game a significant performance boost, enabling 100+ FPS at 1440p or a smooth 60+ FPS at 4K on all GeForce RTX GPUs.

DEATH STRANDING is a very high-profile title from legendary game developer Hideo Kojima and his studio KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, and has received critical acclaim.

DEATH STRANDING already has the reputation of being a visual stunner, but NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 helps make the PC debut something special. The extra performance NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 delivers in DEATH STRANDING allows gamers to unlock the vast graphical potential of the PC platform by increasing the graphics settings and resolution, delivering on the vision we have for the game.”


DEATH STRANDING is rendered by Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine, which becomes the latest game engine to derive performance benefits from NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology.

Having yet another high-profile title demonstrates the confidence game developers have in the technology. 

DEATH STRANDING Reviewer’s Guide, NVIDIA exclusive screenshots,  and more have been added to the NVIDIA press extranet at www.NVIDIA-press.com.  

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