To address healthcare inequities and ever-changing public health demands, the attainability of medical equipment is necessary.

World Health Organization specified that access to high-quality, fairly priced, and appropriate healthcare products are critical – for universal health coverage, medical emergencies, and promoting healthier populations.

With this global concern, go-to medical shops exist to help communities around the world. These are retail shops offering a wide array of healthcare products, medical equipment, and supplies. Below are three vital purposes why there is a need to have a go-to medical shop.

Bridging the Medical Equipment Accessibility Gap and Demand

Amid the pandemic, a significant problem the world faces are the inaccessibility and shortage of healthcare product needs.

This issue will expect to rise in the next five years as “the medical devices market in the Philippines is currently in Growth Stage, with an increase in number of hospitals, high prevalence of chronic diseases, rising instances of heart and kidney failures…” (Ken Research, 2022) which means medical equipment is not only critical to modern healthcare today but will be even more critical in the future.

Medical Depot, a long-time medical supplier and among the reliable go-to medical shops in the Philippines, contributes to bridging this healthcare accessibility gap and consumer demand in many parts of the country by aggressively expanding its touchpoints to reach hundreds of thousands of Filipinos with a wide variety of medical needs from pharmaceutical, medical supplies, COVID-19 related products to hospital equipment that other prominent players in the medical industry do not offer.

Access to High Quality and Affordable Medicines

With the health and lives of millions at stake, the medical industry continues to evolve with innovations and products fit for the community. Having go-to medical shops in the country can ensure the public an access to high quality and affordable medicines, supplies, and equipment that can cater to their needs boost the health of the Filipinos. 

“The end goal is for patients to receive the best available and affordable treatment for their illnesses.” (Harsono, Ng, 2018) With reliable and trusted medical shops available in the market today, there is more options for Filipinos to gain quality and affordable medicines that they need for everyday life. 

Contributes to the Community

When enough medical supplies are accessible and near community medical facilities, it can address many of the community’s health concerns.

Through a go-to medical shop, local public and private clinics and hospitals can easily obtain affordable medical equipment that are needed to help them fulfill their healthcare and medical duties. Also, convenient reach and access of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment can boost community confidence in accepting healthcare treatments, which is foundational to improving healthcare outcomes (NRC Health, 2019).

While life may have slowed down during the pandemic, businesses have had to pivot fast to serve their customers.

This inspired Medical Depot in 2021 to pursue its e-commerce platform that help redesign the way they serve their customers and the local community. Easy access to online medical supplies, products, and equipment can help many Filipinos all over the country. To date, the company offers its solutions and products to the public through their e-commerce platform and 40 branches nationwide. 

 To learn more about what they offer and the latest updates, visit the Medical Depot PH website or their Facebook page.

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