Mang Inasal, the country’s number one Pinoy BBQ restaurant, salutes the modern Filipino hero – those with 2-in-1 jobs that benefit the community: one by profession and another which uplifts the lives of the less fortunate. To pay tribute to our fellow Pinoys who tenaciously share their talents and time to hep others, Mang Inasal has launched the Gaward PiliPinoy Awards. Adrial Karl Cobardo, teacher by profession and founder of Project BangKarunungan, is the first Gawad PiliPinoy Honoree.ย 

BangKarunungan is Adrian’s advocacy project that provides free and accessible education to people in the islands using a bangka (boat). Adrian wants to instill and cultivate the love of reading among children, one boat-visit at a time.

Adrian Karl L. Cobrado, Gawad Pilipinoy, BangKarunungan

Gawad PiliPinoy is Mang Inasal’s first ever recognition program for Filipinos who showcase Galing na Pinoy by pursuing a passion that helps uplight the plight of the less privileged members of our society.


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