For many Filipinos, staying indoors and working from home for almost two years already may have saved us from the hassle of braving metro traffic every day, but it has also increased our appreciation for the value of having homes that are functional, comfortable, and stylish. 

The global pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance not only of living, but thriving from day to day without compromise.

Developing residences that suit current and future needs of homeowners, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) sets up communities where residents can flourish and pursue their passions. 

Location, location, location

It’s been said many times that location matters a lot. No truer words can be said when it comes to living in urban and suburban communities. SMDC properties are undoubtedly strategically located relative to road networks and conveniently near transportation hubs. Moreso, they offer proximity to business and commercial centers, making them a perfect place to live. This prime real estate benefits from the vision of an integrated lifestyle development at every SMDC location. This way, you can easily reach various destinations both far and near: from those accessible via airports to the walkable SM mall. 

Living in luxury

If we’re going to be honest, given the chance, we all would like to live in the lap of luxury. What keeps us from doing so is the reality that it comes with a hefty price tag. Or does it? SMDC developments have hotel-like lobbies that welcome you and your guests with tastefully-designed, elegant interiors. The well-manicured lawn areas are pleasing not only to the eyes but to the soul. And the resort-like amenities merge active and relaxed activities seamlessly against a natural backdrop. All of these are protected with state-of-the-art security systems and personnel, all day and night.

Living in Style: SMDC Provides Harmony between Function and Comfort

SMDC’s Air Residences, Situated within Makati’s central business district, treats you with its luxurious hotel-like lobby, where you’re cordially welcomed by a doorman and receptionist.

Leisure at your pleasure

You don’t need to plan an excursion to get some much-needed and much-deserved r&r at the end of a busy work week. Swimming laps, running a few rounds, making a basket or a goal…or just clocking in your 10,000 steps. These are all easy to achieve within the open spaces of SMDC’s communities.

For more peaceful pursuits, you can laze by the pool, do some yoga or stretch at carefully-appointed pocket gardens. You can decompress and unwind as you please because it’s just right outside your door, anytime you need it.

Can something be functional and comfortable—and beautiful too? Granted, these three words cannot all be used to describe many things like artworks (beautiful), tools (functional), and creature comforts (comfortable). However, they are not mutually exclusive. Proof positive are developments by SMDC, that are not only homes but communities that support residents’ various personalities and aspirations in a cozy and refreshing environment, made even more appealing by impeccable interior design, architecture, and landscape design.

After the global disruption on our collective lives, we step out and forward with fresh eyes informed by the lessons of the past and determined to make the future better. Sustainability courses and pulses through SMDC—from site selection to design to materials procurement, solid waste management practices, water efficiency mechanisms, and indoor environmental quality.

This strong conviction toward ensuring sustainability makes SMDC a visionary developer with a purpose: to marry functionality and comfort cocooned in magnificent style for the benefit of residents not only at present but for many years to come.

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