Mober is the latest mobile app-enabled, on-demand cargo delivery service (Metro Manila only, for now) that uses vans big enough for small businesses to take advantage of (SMEs can cut down on delivery costs). Mober can also shuttle your pets (to the vet, for example) and can even handle your lipat-bahay (but is more practical). When buying appliances fromย the mall,ย you can have it Mober’d instead of enduring the usualย no specific-time-commitment delivery hassle. Using Mober is easy, just like booking a taxi service via your phone.

Mober, Dennis Ng

Mober founder Dennis Ng and one of the Mober vans.ย 

If you can book a cab, a private car, a delivery bike, and a helicopter, you should be able to book a delivery van. Now you can. Mober is here. The brainchild of Dennis Ng, Mober (a play on the word ‘Mover’) was launched last December 21 (2015) to meet the logistic needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and personal use.

Mober, Dennis Ng

The Mober app’s user-friendly UI makes booking as easy as booking a cab. There is room for the cost-effective and door-to-door convenience of Mober:

  • SMEs who will benefit include those dealing in e-commerce, catering, party planners, events suppliers, and restaurants with 3 or 4 branches needing deliveries from their commissaries. Some of Mober’s customers from their 2-month dry run were bazaar sellers transporting their goods from one gift fair to the next.
  • Those moving into their condominium units or new apartments will find using Mober (to move furniture and appliances) more practical than hiring a lipat-bahay truck. If, for example, you’re only moving a your old cabinets or a piano to another house, a lipat-bahay can be overkill.
  • Those arriving at the airport can have their balikbayan boxes and baggage safely move to their homes.
  • Buying a big appliance at the mall? You can have it Mober’d to your home instead of the usual no time-commitment set up many malls have (which effectively makes you a hostage home, waiting and waiting and waiting).
  • If you’re shopping at Divisoria and would like to eat out after buying so much stuff, have your purchased large items Mober’d back to your home (somebody should be there to receive it) so you can enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Need to get your pets to and from the vet and cabs won’t take them? You can have your pet (inside a carrier or a big cage) Mober’d to the vet. You can accompany your pet in the van, seated next to the driver. Pet owners with many pets (and thus many pet carriers and cages to deal with) or those with large dogs will appreciate this.
  • Cargo delivery can be tracked, is insured, and pre-scheduled deliveries are possible. (Read more below.)

Mober makes complete sense. It just does.

As long as it fits in the van, Mober will deliver

The Mober app lets you send just about anything as long as it fits in the vehicle. Orders could consist of a single box or of loading up a van with several bulky items. This set up is convenient for store-based businesses that need deliveries, or online sellers like those found online like OLX.

Mober, Dennis Ng

Metro Manila first, expansion is next

Mober is essentially a transport service with a B2B (business to business) and C2C (consumer to consumer) focus. Its regional counterparts are GoGoVan or Lalamove in Singapore and Hong Kong. Right now, Mober only picks up and delivers boxes in Metro Manila, with plans to expand to Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Davao.

Mober, Dennis Ng

Fare calculation and payment

The fare depends on the type of vehicle requested and the distance between pick up and drop off locations. Minimum fare is Php 500.00 for Van and Php 750 for a VanPlus service, wherein a van porter can help load and unload the items from point to point. The base fare is Php 250 for Van and Php 450 for Van Plus, with additional Php 25 per kilometer and Php 2.50 per minute. Right now, Mober services accepts only cash.

Mober, Dennis Ng

Efficient tracking and cargo guarantee, Pre-scheduled delivery and Insurance

The Mober app lets users track and share driver’s progress in real-time, and the process is backed up by a service hotline to help with customer problems and inquiries. Upon drop off, senders receive a confirmation of delivery.

If a user pre-schedules a delivery, the driver can be expected to arrive on time. In contrast, with on-demand service, the average arrival time is an estimate of 30 to 60 minutes upon confirmation.

Delivery trips are each kept exclusive for each booking, meaning Mober drivers are not allowed to pick up orders from multiple clients. This means no multiple bookings (for “along the way” destinations) and your cargo won’t be mixed up with those of others. The cargo is also insured for up to Php 50,000.

Tested, poised, and ready

One of the costs factored in by SMEs is the purchase of a pick up and delivery vehicle. Apart from the initial cost of buying the van, additional expenses (hiring and keeping a driver, vehicle maintenance) come into the picture. Mober can shoulder the pick up and delivery service aspect of SMEs so establishments can focus on their core business and grow their profit margins.

Mober, Dennis Ng

Right now, Mober relies on the 5 vans in its in-house fleet and are looking to partner with high quality and trustworthy service providers by 2016.ย Mober is available on Androidย and iOS. For details, visit their site.

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