• Before iPad, Call of Duty and even Instagram, we had HyperX!
  • HyperX will celebrate by offering discounts on their award-winning line-up of peripherals
  • HyperX will celebrate the milestone across their social platforms offering giveaways and more

Before iPad, Call of Duty and even Instagram we had HyperX! HyperX the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports will provide special promotions from now to September 30 on HyperX Shopee Brand Store, celebrating its 20th Birthday! 

HyperX Celebrates 20 Years of Gaming with Special Promotion

The brand, which boasts a roster of award-winning gaming gear, including the worldโ€™s first PC gaming headset with a 300 hour1 battery life โ€“ Cloud Alpha Wireless – is planning to host on and offline events throughout the months of August, September and October. The events will include social media takeovers, global birthday parties as well as showing global fan appreciation by offering heavy discounts across its line-up with exact dates of promotions varying by country and participating etailers and retailers. 

In a statement to mark the brandโ€™s 20th birthday, HyperX said, โ€œTurning 20 is a huge milestone in the history of HyperX. As with the gaming industry, HyperX has evolved and come a long way. Originally, HyperX only offered ultrafast gaming memory, but today we design and manufacture award winning gaming headsets, keyboards, mics for content creators, mice and accessories for every type of gamer be that PC, Console or Mobile. 

HyperX Celebrates 20 Years of Gaming with Special Promotion

We are so proud of the legacy we have created over the past two decades. We have listened to the evolving needs of gamers globally and have learnt from each product we have launched to market, to ensure we are constantly delivering better. We are pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions of gamers by partnering and blurring the lines between gaming and other industries including music and movies. Gaming is no longer a niche but part of everyoneโ€™s life. Finally, it is not only the fans, the partners and the industries that has made HyperX what it is today but also the talent HyperX has encouraged and nurtured among its employees past and present to consistently raise the game and set new standards.โ€

HyperX will provide special promotions from now to September 30, to take advantage of the discounted products, please visit HyperX Shopee Brand Store, or check out their social media channels for all the exciting community activities. 

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