MANILA, PHILIPPINES, JULY 7, 2021 – When it comes to trying new things, it is understandable to have a fear of failure. However, it often starts with one small step for us to see just how far we can go. 

Such is the story of Les Aunor Meatshop owner Tonette Leachon and her journey with Grab.

Leachon originally had no plans to run her own business. In 2017, she grew tired of working in a corporate setting and wanted a change in pace. Despite never having run a business before, she took a vacant spot in Farmers Market, Cubao, and opened a small meat shop.

Her early days saw her giving out fliers, giving out samples, making cold calls to restaurants, groceries, and hotels, and establishing a presence on social media, in the hopes of enticing customers. With an effort and passion placed in establishing the business, she was soon able to reap the benefits.

On pandemic woes and powering through with Grab

Les Aunor’s business had been steadily growing and had built a loyal customer base consisting of restaurants, groceries, and homemakers who regularly ordered meat products from the shop. However when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, like many other businesses, Les Aunor soon felt the effects. .

Leachon shares how, one by one, her clients from different malls and restaurants slowly stopped placing orders as the pandemic took hold. Les Aunor Meatshop’s workforce was also cut in half as staff members faced difficulties with public transportation.

As Leachon and her team focused on navigating the challenges brought by the pandemic, they considered how they could better leverage both their loyal customer base and technology. . Luckily for Leachon, she had onboarded the business with GrabExpress in January 2020, just before the pandemic took off. She had also joined its membership program for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Madiskarteng Boss Club .

The Madiskarteng Boss Club (MBC) is a rewards and loyalty program under GrabExpress, giving social sellers access to a wide range of perks, such as cashback offers, discounts on delivery fees, weekly rebates, and loans. Under the program, social sellers and local entrepreneurs are guaranteed to be supported by Grab, and are promised seamless delivery experiences for micro and small-medium enterprises (MSMEs).

How partnering with Grab spelled success for a first-time business owner

Leachon affirms that the benefits of being part of MBC were the key drivers for joining the program. “We saw that there were a lot of benefits such as special codes and discounts for merchants’  bookings, that’s why we joined. After onboarding, I had an easier time managing my personal bookings and bookings for my customers.” She adds that the app’s offers and features allow her to talk easily with Grab’s fleet of delivery-riders for easier deliveries for their customers.

Thanks to help from customers who helped with referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations and with GrabExpress supporting daily deliveries, Les Aunor was soon back on track.

“GrabExpress allowed me to give my customers lower delivery fees [thanks to the special vouchers from Madiskarteng Boss Club]. We also get cashback [from our orders],” Leachon shares. She adds that the platform’s Multi-Stop booking feature allows the business to deliver to multiple customers easily, lightening the burden and expenses for the shop, and enabling them to easily manage multiple orders.

Looking for more growth opportunities, Les Aunor also joined GrabMart in April 2021, leading to dramatic growth in orders thanks to Grab’s ability to reach many more consumers. 

“When we entered GrabMart, we got noticed [by more consumers],” Leachon says, adding that their usual shop customers have also since taken to ordering their products from GrabMart, allowing them to retain their original audience while continuously expanding their customer base. The meat shop’s orders grew significantly after just a few months on the platform. 

At present, 40% of the business’ total sales now come from GrabMart alone, attributed to the fact that consumers are now increasingly getting their essentials online.

Looking ahead

Today, Les Aunor Meatshop operates through its physical stall and its Facebook shop, partnered with GrabExpress and GrabMart. Leachon is optimistic and enthusiastic about Les Aunor’s continuous expansion.

“If given the opportunity and resources, I would really love for us to have more branches,” says Leachon.

Grab is committed to supporting MSMEs in their operations. With features and offers aimed to support social sellers like Les Aunor, Grab creates opportunities to help MSMEs reach their potential and achieve their goals.For more information on the benefits of MBC and details on how to join, check out

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