What is a Facebook “Sponsored Post”?

For online sellers, this is either an existing product post on their Facebook page, or an ad, generated directly via Ads Manager. The goal is to bring the word out that the online seller has this product for sale. It could be on online platforms like Lazada or Shopee, or on the seller’s own website.

Online sellers needs a credit/ debit card to boost their sponsored post.


What is PayMaya

PayMaya is an app that gives users a virtual Visa/ Mastercard credit card. Online sellers can download the app, load it and immediately use it for Facebook sponsored posts. There is a physical card, but for Facebook sponsored post, it’s not needed.


Here’s a list of load-up centers and instructions on how to load: https://paymaya.com/loadup-centers/


Choosing PHP as a preferred currency on Facebook

This is a really important step. When the preferred currency is not in Philippine Peso, there has been instances where the PayMaya virtual credit card gets declined.

On your personal Facebook page, click on the arrow down on the top right of the page (near “Home”)

Choose “Settings”.

On the “Settings” page, look for “Payments” found at the left bottom of the menu.


Click “Account Settings” on the main page.  On the “Preferences” section, make sure that the currency is set to Philippine Peso.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/help/217942441564255?helpref=faq_content


Setting up PayMaya as a payment method

There are two ways to set up PayMaya as a payment method:

1.  Via “Account Setting”


2. Via Ads Manager



New to boosting posts?

Here’s a good resource: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/online-sales/promoted-posts.


And that’s how online sellers can use PayMaya for their Facebook sponsored posts. If you have questions, you can leave them at the comments section below.


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