To Mr. Hayato Yazaki, who runs education company Izumi Global, trust and reliability are values the Japanese consider vital when engaging in long-term commitment. When he came to the Philippines to set up his business, he needed a bank that fits the Japanese standards for a good partner. But will he find one that meets his rigorous customer service test?

BDO comes highly recommended

The bank he chose, after consulting with the Japanese community in Makati, was BDO. To see if the bank lives up to its reputation, he opened a personal bank account. Mr. Yazaki’s company, Izumi Global, provides after-school learning using the Nippon Math method for children 3 to 11 years old. He wanted to know if BDO could also live up to his other expectations: speed, overall performance, and even the personality and attitude of the personnel he deals with.

“Ms. Lyn Lazona and Ms. Hiromi Shimoda of the Japan Help Desk are always a message away,” he said. “If we have questions or asked for a meeting, they are always quick and willing to oblige. I think being under the Japan Help Desk really made the service speedy and convenient for us since they know Japanese expectations and requirements.”

Problems during the Pandemic

Izumi Global faced challenges when the restrictions of the quarantines and lockdowns were imposed. They converted to online classes, as children were not allowed to go out. They had to consider their licensees/franchisees, whose income also depends on their support.

When they needed to secure a shipment of educational materials, for their students and franchisees, Mr. Yazaki didn’t think this was possible given the constraints of the lockdown. To his surprise, BDO’s Ms. Lyn went out of her way and secured the shipment.

“We were expecting that the documents would be delivered through courier. Instead, Ms. Lyn went through that extra effort that meant a lot to us. If no one assisted us with the requirements, the shipment will be abandoned and we cannot get our study materials. We almost had to cancel the online program for the students,” Yazaki said.

Resourcefulness and reliability during trying times

BDO made sure that despite the lockdown, Mr. Yazaki’s transactions proceeded at a nearly normal pace. While some were a bit slower, BDO made up for it by shifting the process online.

For Mr. Yazaki, the confidence he places on BDO and their relationship is well-deserved. BDO meets his exacting ideals as a Japanese client.

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