Google promotes digital literacy among Filipino youth

Manila, Philippines – Google is searching for a new batch of Web Rangers in the Philippines to make a campaign to encourage their peers to use the internet for good. Now on its second year, the competition’s campaign theme is digital literacy and the aim is to explore what netizens can do to use the internet for meaningful activities that will help them pursue their passion, develop new talents and skills and discover things that can help the youth level up.

Filipinos 15 to 20 years old are encouraged to take part by signing up at the Web Rangers website ( beginning August 1. Sixty Web Rangers will be selected based on their answers to the questions they’ll get in the sign-up sheet. They will be teamed up with other Web Rangers and undergo a one-day workshop on September 17 on how to make an effective campaign on digital literacy. Experts known for their creative digital pursuits and innovation will share their insights, experiences, and techniques with the Web Rangers so they can get ideas on how to use the Internet for good and create a campaign that will encourage their peers to do the same. They will be given three weeks to produce a campaign, which will be their entry to the competition.


Applicants will have the chance to choose their Web Ranger character during the sign-up process. These characters embody the five meaningful activities online that open up opportunities and encourage users to use the internet for good: First is The Innovator who goes online to be well-informed and find new ways to disrupt the ordinary to make it extraordinary; second is The Visionary who surf the net and sees the possibility in every opportunity, develops it and grows it; third is The Creator who logs in to create artistic content and share them to others; fourth is The Analyst who likes to search and research to delve deep into content that can enhance his knowledge and use it for something productive; and fifth is The Inspiration who likes to perform and upload content that entertain through different art forms.

“We’d like to give the Filipino youth an opportunity to use their creativity in the online space for a good cause. Web Rangers is a campaign and competition that will equip them to look at digital as an extension of their creativity where they can turn their ideas into something impactful and truly meaningful to others,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

The winning campaign will be awarded in October and will be supported by Google Philippines in terms of publicity and outreach.

Level up to become a Web Ranger at

Web Rangers is a trademark of Google Inc.


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