My friend’s Labrador gave birth to several puppies. So she (my friend, not the Labrador mommy) asked what puppy dog food brand would be great for the pups, since she’s too busy with work (she’s an accountant). I told her about Good Boy Dog Food Puppy, which she could always order on Shopee.

Good Boy Puppy offers complete puppy nutrition (it has beef, milk, and eggs) for puppies up to 1 year old.

Just like babies, puppies have their own special nutritional needs during their first 18 months. It’s best to get puppy dog food to meet those needs, instead of just winging it. Good Boy Puppy gives your puppies the concentrated nutrition they need: it has the the extra protein, vitamins, and nutrients all active puppies need, plus increased calcium that helps with developing bones and teeth.

Give your puppies the nutrition they need with Good Boy Dog Food Puppy, available at Shopee

Good Boy Puppy has cruncy pieces that provide not just great taste but good chewing, which helps clean their teeth and even nourish their gums. Its composition include Crude Protein (min. -28%), Crude Fat (min. -14%), Crude FIber ( max. -4%), and Moisture (max. -12%).

Buy the Good Boy Dog Food Puppy Variant For Puppy (1.5 Kilos) for P170 on Shopee.

My friend is too busy at home with work, taking care of the kids, and Martha (the mommy Labrador). At least she got one thing checked off her list: a good puppy dog food for the pups that will soon take over their lives.

You can visit the official Good Boy store on Shopee here. Download the Shopee app for FREE from the App Store and Google Play Store.