In addition to its conveniently packed, “ready-to-h/eat” Signature dishes (dinuguan, laing, lechon paksiw, and caldereta), the Goldilocks PinoyDeli has grown considerably to include best-loved condiments such as Spiced Vinegar, Special Bagoong, and the latest addition, the all-new Chili Garlic in Oil.

The Goldilocks PinoyDeli Chili Garlic in Oil has perfected the delicate balance of spicy and savory to add that special kick to our traditional home cooked experience. The verdant oil is richly infused with premium chilies, and blended with garlic and other flavorful spices. It makes the perfect dipping sauce for an assortment of appetizers, and makes countless dishes come alive.

Goldilocks Pinoydeli-Chili-Garlic-Oil

The Goldilocks PinoyDeli line have become runaway bestsellers in Goldilocks Foodshops across the country. Visit your nearest branch, or follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at for more information.

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