Awaken your taste buds and get your hands on comfort food that satisfies your desire for fast casual dining with the new player on the block – Diner 55, which opens its doors to serve that classic diner fare on November 4.

Born out the desire of the owner to bring great food to people, Diner 55 is proving that it is never too late to turn your dream into a reality even at 55. Jean Dumago-Descallar, owner of Diner 55, pushed her dream forward when some people were already telling it was too late. But for her, it’s always the perfect time for a dream come true. She wanted this feeling to translate in her food. 

The people who give you their food, give you their heart,” Jean shared her favorite adage that she wanted to be at the center of Diner 55. With that big dream–not just to get all her favorite dishes from around the world, but also, “for our customers to leave satisfied with a big smile,” she knew that only Chef RJ could be up to the task.

“Some dishes don’t just make your tastebuds sing, some of them also make your heart flutter. But for every person, that dish could be different–especially for Filipinos. So how do you go “big” and extra for a palate that is so diverse?” Chef RJ Ungco asked himself when he was crafting Diner 55’s extensive 55-strong menu in collaboration with the owner.

Filipinos are not just split into native favorites sinigang, adobo, and nilaga, but also enjoy Chinese, Japanese, American, and Spanish cuisines. Their taste in food is as rich as their colorful cultural and historical tapestry. 

Launching on November 4, Diner 55 is Chef RJ Ungco’s answer when he and his team embraced the extraordinary challenge of satisfying and impressing the world’s biggest foodies: Filipinos.

Diner 55 boasts of a menu that embraces variety, goes beyond borders and elevates your classic diner fare by offering huge servings of comfort food from all over the world. Here he lists all the ways that make the Diner 55 experience extra for everyone.

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

Savor that sweet-soy tender beef belly with their Garlicky Beef Bowl, Diner 55’s take on your all-time Japanese favorite, Gyudon, sauteed with onions and lots of garlic. Enjoy this dish that’s topped with soft boiled egg and crispy onions.

Flavors Flying Extra Miles

Good food brings joy. It is true that Filipinos can find it in every home, every city, every country, every culture–around the world. Good food transcends differences, crosses borders–that’s what Diner 55 is all about.

It offers a menu that celebrates the Filipino’s diverse palate by being a one-stop shop for all your favorites from around the world: touching every flavor profile, traveling east to west.

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

Go big or go home. The 5-5 Burger is not your ordinary smash burger. This 100% pure beef patty is grilled with American cheddar, and Diner 55’s special burger sauce then sandwiched between soft pillowy potato brioche. It’s garnished on the side with American pickles, red onions, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce, and served with a mound of fries. Eat to your heart’s content.

Customers are guaranteed to find something for everyone—no matter how wildly different their preferences are from their families or barkada.

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

If you’re on the lookout for something healthy, Diner 55’s High Five Salad is your go-to choice. Get to choose between asparagus or French beans, and enjoy a bowl of corn, crispy onion, cucumber, tomato, hard-boiled egg, lettuce, grilled Piri chicken, and drizzled with Diner 55’s special and tangy orange dressing. 

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

Ready for something big with a twist? Diner 55’s Ooh-Beh! Waffle and Chicken is their take on your classic chicken and waffles, all but made with homemade buttermilk ube waffles with whipped butter and salted dulce de leche.

Going Extra Delish: the menu’s one guiding principle

At Diner 55, customers won’t just find their current favorites, they will also find their NEW favorite. 

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

Simple yet sinfully good. Diner 55’s Cereal Milk Panna Cotta will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy a mouthful of corn flakes infused milk pudding with caramel popcorn, and your choice of scoop of ice cream.

So whether it’s a go for a dish that’s a simple classic, or a dish that’s never heard before, at Diner 55, customers are bound to get the best, most delicious, most extra version.

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

Up for something adventurous? Check out Diner 55’s Yo! Fernando Pizza with double smoked ham, peaches (yes, you read that right!) and mozzarella cheese, and balsamic reduction on a tomato pizza. You won’t find this pizza anywhere else. Move over Hawaiian Pizza, there’s a new fruity pizza in town.

Going Extra Big.

Diner 55 makes their dishes extra not only in terms of innovation and flavor but also with the most basic definition: they go big, really BIG. For Diner 55, customers will not just get good food, they will get a lot of it.

Go Big or Go Home: Diner 55 Goes Extra Delish Just for You Starting Nov. 4

This feast for the eyes is also a feast of textures and flavors. Get crazy with Diner 55’s Hey,Jean! This Fugazzeta style pizza is made with piri grilled chicken, melted cheese, fresh arugula, corn salsa, crispy onions, and drizzled with aioli.

Extra Even for the Eyes

Did you know, food tastes better when you’re smiling? It’s science!

It’s true, Diner 55’s got some good-looking food that’s a feast for the eyes. But good food goes beyond the plate. At Diner 55, even the design of every nook and cranny deserves attention to give customers the best experience. From its fun, playful, and aesthetic diner interiors to its interactive wall murals and installation art pieces, Diner 55 is designed to trigger good vibes that’ll make every bite a burst of happiness.

With over 550 square meters spread across three levels, Diner 55 boasts of a total seating capacity of 200 seats, but in observance of COVID safety measures, only about 64 comfortable seating will be provided in all three floors to ensure the safety and security of dining guests. 

Get to enjoy a meal at Diner 55’s Al Fresco Dining on the ground floor area, which can seat roughly 10 pax, while enjoying its picturesque mural art installations. On the second floor, nurse a drink or two in the kitchen and bar areas, which can accommodate roughly 30 pax. On the third floor, which can accommodate about 24 pax, customers will find three meeting rooms and two karaoke rooms ideal for bigger groups that want to hang out in a safe, secure, and sanitized place but still enjoy a great dining experience.  

Ready for Full Bellies

With over 20 years of restaurant and food service experience in multiple acclaimed restaurants such as Le Souffle, Prince Albert, The Cravings Group, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, and Shrimp Bucket to name a few, Chef RJ, President and CEO of Ungco Restaurant Management Consultancy, truly understands what Filipinos look for in comfort food and more.

“There is so much to experience in dining and what more than to actually enjoy huge servings of food and flavors that make hearts big and bellies full? At Diner 55, expect something big, fast, and tasty. We make your dining experience truly fun, playful, and extra. And true to our motto, we will always go big, or we go home,” shares Chef RJ.

Head on over to Diner 55 and discover 55 different ways to experience what extra delicious means. It is celebrating its soft opening with a promo where the first 55 dine-in customers will get a 55% discount on their next visit, with a maximum discount of Php 2,500. 

Find Diner 55 at 1-i Dr. Garcia Street cor. Mother Ignacia Avenue, Brgy Paligsahan, Quezon City, 1103 or call +632 7256 4345 to place orders for pickup or delivery. The new diner is open daily from 11am until 8pm. To learn more about the new branch and exciting updates, follow Diner 55 on Facebook or Instagram.

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